What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 4th July)

This week I asked friends on Facebook, what they liked to read on my blog. Lovely Leoni-Fay said that something she has missed in recent months on my blog has been reading my meal plans. It's funny because, the children have also been suggesting to me recently that they would like to see a return of the weekly meal plan post, because the Meal Plan on the back of the living room door isn't visible when they are in bed!

Meal Planner on the back of the Living Room Door

So, with this in mind I welcoming back my weekly meal plans.

Queue applause, fanfare and fireworks.

Oh. No applause, fanfare or fireworks eh? Well, I know where I stand then.

Saturday - Salmon and Potatoes

On a Saturday, after I've been shopping with Top Ender and my Mum, we dump the shopping at home and then my lovely lovely husband cooks a meal. I thought that Top Ender, Big Boy, Daddy and I would like to have Salmon.

Okay, so I'd like Salmon and they can just have what I want because if I do the shopping then I'm in charge!

Sunday - Roast

Top Ender and I are fasting today as it is Fast Sunday, a monthly "event" at the Church we attend. We fast for two meals (which is about 24 hours) and donate the money to the Church which then uses it to distribute to those in need. Anyway, by the time we will get home from Church we will be STARVING and so we'll be ready for this amazing roast which Daddy will have produced.

At the moment we aren't sure if it's a Chicken or Sausage Roast, but what ever it is, it will be accompanied with Roast Potatoes, mixed veg and a lovely pudding after of (if it's still warm) some form of iced dessert.

Meatless Mondays - Pizza Jacket Potatoes

I was going to schedule these a couple of weeks ago as a Saturday family meal, but everything conspired against me! I figure that the kids will love these, because they can make the meal themselves, all they need to do is add the Jacket Potatoes to the Crockpot before they go to School in the morning and then add the toppings when it is time to serve.

I'll organise a side dish of carrot and cucumber sticks and other raw vegetable and salad items and we'll be away!

Tuesday - Fish Burgers

The great thing about my children is that they now willing eat fish. If you ask them they will say that Salmon is their favourite, but they still quite like Cod and Haddock. The burgers are Cod, which I'll accompany with a bit of salad in the bun and a side of oven baked chips and I'm thinking corn on the cob because who doesn't love corn on the cob. Apart from Daddy that is.

Wednesday - Meal Out

Don't get excited. The meal out is more than likely only going to be at Ikea as my Mum LOVES the Lamb Shank offer that they have for members. It's a ridiculously cheap price and actually really lovely. The children normally opt for Meatballs, but then again at Ikea, who wouldn't!

Ikea Lamb Shank and Mash

Thursday - Veggie Stuffed Pasta

Thursdays are busy for our little family. When we get home from School, we need to start our homework, read, practice our Violin, get changed, eat and get out to Beavers and Guides. So Thursdays we need something that is filling, fast and hopefully yummy. Sometimes we go to Beavers early and have a picnic, but this Thursday I'm planning on Veggie stuffed Pasta.

Friday - Chicken Curry 

Did you ever watch the programme Friday Night Dinners? I didn't, but Daddy did. Anyway, we've started eating later on a Friday night so that we can eat together, when Daddy gets home from work. As far as I can tell our Friday Night Dinners aren't quite eventful as the ones in the TV show, but they are just as funny.

Top Ender has actually suggested that we start recording them for a podcast to be released once a week for people who are lonely or bored or who want to know what one of our Friday Night Dinners is really like!

Anyway. We're going to have Curry, which we had a few nights ago and the Children loved and this time I might even be tempted to make the additional items that Daddy sometimes makes, like Naan Breads and Onion Bhajis.

So that's the meal plans for this week. What are you planning?