52 Everyday Luxuries For Children

When I wrote the 52 Everyday Luxuries post. one of the comments had a luxury that their children loved and so it inspired me to write today's post, just in time for the Half Term Holiday and maybe to inspire you for the Summer too.

A word of warning however, some of these treats aren't suitable for the very young and might get you an eye roll from some teenagers BUT I can confirm that even my teenager confirmed that they wouldn't say no to anything on this list and if they have no attribution next to them, that's because they are tried and tested by Dan Jon Jr and Top Ender!

Top Ender, PippaD and Dan Jon Jr

A Corner Shop Treat

1) A magazine from the local shop, that they get to pick Sarah at Home With Mrs Harvey
2) Sweets from the sweet shop Cheryl at Mummy of 5 Miracles
3) Kinder eggs! Faye at Glossy Tots

Something special for Breakfast

4) Yogurt with fruit compote instead of a premixed yogurt Hollie at Thrifty Mum
5) Muesli for breakfast Katy at Katy Kicker (and have it with fruit juice instead of milk!)
6) Dippy boiled eggs with Toast Soldiers Vikki at Family Travel With Ellie
7) Chocolate based Cereal for an occasional treat Kelly at The Best Version of Kelly
8) Oaty Banana Pancakes Eva at Captain Bobcat (The link is to a fab recipe!)
9) Home Made American Style Pancakes Gemma at Life is Knutts

Dan Jon Jr enjoying some rather large American Style Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Indulgent Puddings

10) Corner yogurts, the ones where you get to tip the bits in Debbie at My Boys Club
11)  Strawberries with yogurt and broken meringue, an Eaton Mess of sorts Katie at Mum of 2 point 5
12) Actually having a pudding - Take them to the supermarket and let them pick themselves
13) Pudding Date, take them to a restaurant just for Dessert!

Simple but effective

14) Dinner on a "posh plate" eg one not made of plastic! Laura at Five Little Doves
15) Let them have a lay in on a School morning... just wake them up slightly earlier than normal!

Food And Drink

16) Their favourite, even if not the healthiest option evening meal Katie at Kiki and Ginge
17) Hot Chocolate or warm milk with bit of cocoa powder Kayley Friendly First Foods
18) Squash or juice instead of water Emma at Me and B Make Tea
19) Chocolate soya milk Mumma and her Monsters
20) Fizzy drinks instead of water Beth at Twinderelmo
21) Some Warm Squash or a fruit tea Sally at Teddy Bears and Cardigans
22) Hummus and crudities Emma at Canny Food (see the link for my recipe!)
23) A treat of Smoked Salmon Lisa at Mummy Gummie
24) Sushi (or whatever their favourite grown up treat is!) Natalie at Crummy Mummy
25) A Smoothie of their favourite fruits
26) Trip to Costa for a Hot Chocolate and possibly a bit of cake!

Dan Jon Jr and Top Ender having a Costa

Quality Time

27) One on one time Kate at Kate On Thin Ice
28) Dinner date at a restaurant Maria at Happy Mummy
29) At home cinema treat night
30) Play on the Consoles together with their choice of game.

An Evening Out

Sometimes our children will surprise us with what they will actually eat, why not try these favourite restaurants, or substitute your own favourites!

31) A few dishes at Wagamama Lianne at Ankle Biters Adventures
32) Chinese or a take away Erica at Nine to Three Thirty
33) A Mcdonalds treat Carla at Random Thoughts of a Twenty Something
34) Visit to an All you can eat buffet Nikki at Yorkshire Wonders

Simple Treats

35) Breadsticks and Nutella Lynn at Glasgow with Kids
36) Chips with Curry sauce Chloe at Chloe Louise Gibbons
37) A treat from the well stocked tin on top of the fridge freezer Mandy at Mum-atron At Work
38) Super Saturday, stay up late, watch a movie Alison Five Little Stars

The Lego Movie on our Home Cinema

Technology and Electronics

39) Contract mobile phones -instead of PAYG Danielle at Blog by Baby
40) Playing on the ipad Natalie at Surviving Lifes Hurdles
41) One episode of their choice of TV Jade at MummiesWaiting
42) A Spotify subscription Jamie at Life with the Speeds
43) Trip on the DLR to pretend to drive the train Lauren at Mum is a Gadget Geek (or on the top deck or even the back seat of the bus!)
44) A Netflix subscription with their own profile (Plus you don't get cartoons as your suggestions!)


45) Bathbombs are such a treat Emma at They Grow So Quick Sarah at Champagne and Petals and Tim at Broken Thoughts
46) Funny scented bubble baths and Shower Gels which is why I smell of Marshmallows today
47) Novelty Soap, Tops has an Owl one and Dan Jon loves his Fish shaped soap!
48) Nail Wraps (which are for Boys and Girls!) I get mine from fellow blogger and friend Glowstars

A Little Bit of Cost

49) Pound Shop (or similar store!) and let them spend a few pounds on what they want
50) Cinema visit (Saturday mornings often have children prices for the whole family)
51) Books, books and more books. This shouldn't be a luxury but a necessity!
52) A Monthly Subscription Box - Baebox is really loved in our home and they do boxes for girls and boys, but just a word of warning if you do order them - you may get subscription envy like I do!

So there are the suggestions of some every day luxuries for children, is your child's favourite treat missing from the list? Let me know what it is in the comments!