Spaghetti Tacos

I wasn't really sure where Spaghetti Tacos came from (apparently it was an episode of iCarly) but I knew when I saw them on Pinterest that it was going to happen in this house at some point and at some point soon. So I added them to my Birthday Bucket List and then made them for our family Saturday night meal. It s tradition in our house that the Saturday meal is a meal that we eat together and we try to make fun.

The question most people have asked me, is just what is Spaghetti Tacos as apparently unlike me they don't spend hours looking at Pinterest and like me were too old to watch iCarly when it was on and our kids were too young to watch it. Basically Spaghetti Tacos are Spaghetti Bolognese mixed together and served in Taco shells.

Easy right?

Spaghetti Tacos with Cheese


I loved the idea because in our house Tacos are a favourite of us all and to be honest so is Spaghetti! It was not a surprise that I loved the idea of Spaghetti Tacos as my favourite food is probably any kind of pasta and Tacos are really high up on my top ten foods list so combining them was way better than the idea to combine spaghetti, sausages and chocolate when I was about 14.

Although saying that I have had spaghetti with chocolate shavings and sausages made with chocolate and both those were lush, so maybe I was on to a winner back then.

To make the Spaghetti Tacos, I made up my normal Bolognese. Actually that is a lie, I added extra vegetables into my Bolognese because I'm mean and like adding extra vegetables to my families diet, especially when they've annoyed me and I want to be extra caring to them, just to really annoy them!

I also cooked some spaghetti, mixed the two together (well part of the Bolognese as I accidentally made a TONNE!) and stuffed the mixed pasta and Bolognese into the taco shells.

They looked lush and smelt amazing, but I think that was just the Bolognese as Flyfour had been commentating on the smell all day (I used my Slow Cooker to cook the Bolognese) and by the time for our evening meal the boys had decided they didn't want to try them. Which was fine, as to be honest they were probably a little too high in carbs!

Top Ender thought that they were worth trying and so she and I happily munched away on the Tacos I made up for us.

PippaD and Top Ender - Spaghetti Taco eating partners in crime

Was it worth it?

Well, if I'm honest, No. It seemed a waste of good Spaghetti Bolognese, but it was nice having my favourite Spaghetti with Tacos and was definitely something that I had to try to know that I wouldn't bother with again.

And now I can say I've officially knocked the first experience off my Birthday Bucket List!