It's Dan Jon Jr's Ninth Birthday!

It's Dan Jon's ninth birthday today, and so this blog post is just full of my love for him, and the love aimed squarely at him from his Daddy and Sister too.

Dan Jon Jr in an arch of a tree

Dan Jon is fearless, well as long as it has nothing to do with Spiders or anything too high. He is ready for new adventures and for new responsibilities, why just this past weekend he wanted to go to the corner shop on his own for some Eurovision supplies for the family, he helped put the weekly shop away and volunteered to tidy up after we had eaten supper together!

Dan Jon Jr playing the floor is made of lava

Dan Jon knows that his sister is there for him and that she has his back no matter what. This week whilst he was practising his Violin, he broke the "e" string. He was worried that he would get told off (he wouldn't and wasn't) and so instead of telling his Daddy, went and found his big sister. Together they checked that there wasn't a replacement string and then told Flyfour together.

I wish I had seen it, but hearing about it is just as cute.

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr the best of siblings and friends

Sometimes his jokes are a little not funny. Mostly they aren't and they are the sort of jokes that will have you bent over double trying to stop your sides aching from the laughter. Dan Jon is genuinely one of the funniest people I know. He uses his facial expressions to great comical effect and I have no idea where he gets that from...

Dan Jon Jr smilingDan Jon Jr pulling a silly face

I mean look at those faces! How could anybody not smile back or giggle along with him?

Dan Jon Jr is so serious at times too. He feels things a lot more deeply than I think a lot of other people do and he is very concerned about making sure that everything is right and fair, much more than other children his age are from my experience.

Believe it or not, this picture below was taken at Church, where he was trying to ensure he didn't cheat during a game to help memorise words to some songs we'll be singing later this year!

Dan Jon Jr not cheating at Church

Unsurprisingly seeing who his parents are, this boy is growing up loving technology and gaming. If he finds a new game, he has to share it with everyone and of course, if anyone else finds a new game then he has to try it out too.

Dan Jon Jr on a walk with his phone

Dan Jon makes his own websites and has developed a few simple games and one day I'm sure that he really will be a something in the technology world and keep me in the manner to which I'm sure I could quickly become accustomed to!

This crazy, funny, cuddly, loving boy is growing up right before my eyes and I'm so proud watching over him and seeing first hand the young man he is becoming.

Happy 9th Birthday!