British Sandwich Week

We love a good sandwich here at A Mother's Ramblings. We all have our favourites I have my guilty pleasures of a potato sandwich, Top Ender loves a Baked Bean Sandwich and Flyfour and Dan Jon Jr have slightly more "normal" tastes with Flyfour liking a BLT and Dan Jon Jr opting for either a Sausage Sandwich or a Fish Finger Sandwich!

And of course, there was that time I made the best sandwich in the world...

Double Layer Ham and Salad Sandwich, probably the best sandwich ever made

With British Sandwich Week starting today and continuing all this week, I've had some great tips shared with me by Gary Durrant from The Arch, London, (make reservations on 020 7724 4700) on how he creates the perfect sandwich, such as the ones you could be eating if you went for Royal AFteroon Tea at The Arch and I thought I'd share them with you too.

Watch out this week on my Instagram as hopefully, I'll be sharing some lovely yummy sandwiches for my lunch!

Add some flavour

You can make your sandwich really stand out with just one extra ingredient. Try adding fresh herbs, a sliced hard-boiled egg or make your own quick pickles – cucumber, vinegar, oil, brown sugar, salt and pepper.

Choose your bread wisely

The bread is the most important part of the whole sandwich. If you want to add very moist fillings then it is best to go for dry and dense bread or try flour tortillas. These will keep the ingredients fresh and moisture just right.

Add some moisture

For the right amount of moisture add your spread to both sides of the bread, this will also help lock in the flavour. Spread to every edge of the slice of bread to create a seal for the fillings. Use butter, mayo, mustard, cream cheese or experiment with pesto, jam, chutney or salsa.

Some of Head chef at The Arch London Gary Durant's Royal Afternoon Tea Sandwiches made using his top tips

Avoid a soggy sandwich

If you are adding lettuce to your sandwich, first dry it with kitchen roll to prevent the bread from getting soggy. Also, place the lettuce at the top of the sandwich so that it remains crispy. Do not put wet ingredients directly on the bread, layer them with dry items. For a basic sandwich example, add your fillings in this order – lettuce, tomato, meat (or alternative filling) then cheese.

Time for seasoning

Salt, pepper and spices can change a whole sandwich, so experiment! Add a pinch of salt to your vegetables before adding them to the sandwich for that extra flavour. Adding too much dressing to the salad in your sandwich can also make it soggy so season it lightly.

A rather yummy Toasted BLT, who wants one right now?

Let me know in the comments your favourite fillings for sandwiches and if you have any other top tips too.