52 Everyday Luxuries

When I was posting my answers to the 11 Questions I wanted to answer, the one question that stumped me (which I had set myself so I'm really worried about myself!) was "What one luxury could you not live without?". It stumped me, because apart from things like Fridge Freezers, Washing Machines, Flushing Toilets, Hot Water etc I wasn't sure what I classed as a luxury and what was a necessity these days. At first I thought that it was the internet, but I wasn't sure if that was classed as a luxury anymore, so I google it and found this quote;

"The internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity."
President Barack Obama

If the former leader of the free-world doesn't think it's a luxury, but a necessity then who am I to argue? By the way, according to the Independent it's Angela Merkel and not Donald Trump who is now the leader of the free world. That makes me feel a little better about the state of things at the minute, doesn't it you?

Anyway, as every day luxuries now means simply a way to indulge and spoil yourself I thought that readers of A Mother's Ramblings might enjoy seeing some ideas, as like me they may be stumped at what a luxury is these days. So, I asked some Blogger friends of mine what they considered to be their everyday luxuries and have complied that into a list of 52 everyday luxuries that you should find time to schedule into your life for a little bit of every day luxury.

An Ice Cream Treat - Sprinkles, Sauce and a Chocolate flake!

I've broken the luxuries down into a few subcategories


1) A bar of dark chocolate from Debbie at My Boys Club
2) A can of Full Fat Coke with Ice in a glass from Becka at Mummy Est 2014
3) A couple of hours to watch Netflix and binge on chocolate from Claire at Dear, Mummy Bear and Karina at Mum's The Nerd
4) A Nespresso Machine Coffee with breakfast from Erica at The Incidental Parent
5) Some King Prawns and Smoked Salmon from Bek at Dillydrops
6) A Large Coffee and Cake at Cafe Nero and a couple of hours to yourself from Lisa at Mummy Gummie
7) A Takeaway, any takeaway from Claire at Big Family, Big Fun
8) Breakfast in bed whilst watching TV from Tracey at Pack The Pjs
9) Some really nice chocolate, hand made or an expensive brand from Irina from Wave to Mummy
10) Decent hot fresh coffee from Clare at Emmys Mummy, Nicola at The Frugal Cottage and Debbie at An Organised Mess
11) A Curly Wurly from Helen at Mumatron

A Curly Wurly or Five

12) A weekly trip to the Coffee shop for a Latte and Croissant from Sara at Home with Mrs Harvey
13) A bottle of flavoured Water from Jade at Mummies Waiting
14) Ice Cream and Wine, a proper expensive tub of ice cream all to yourself from Jessica at That Mummy Blog
15) Lunch at the pub on a work day, so no leftovers from Lauren at Mummy is a Gadget Geek
16) Expensive tea, like Fortnum and Mason Tea from Rebecca at Queen Bee Becca
17) A cup of tea brought to you in bed from Kelly at The Best Version of Kelly
18) Anything with Brie, especially at Play Barns from Faye at Glossy Tots
19) A Costa Hot Chocolate with a Cheese Sandwich for lunch from Jenna at Then There Were Three

A large decadent Hot Chocolate

Me Time

20) Decent Bubbles for the bath from Carly at Mummy and the chunks
21) An uninterrupted bath in a quiet house from Nickie at I am Typecast
22) A massage for headaches from Susan at Susan K Mann
23) Peace and Quiet from Kate at Five Little Stars
24) A 20 minute lay in whilst someone else looks after the children from Amy at Amy & Tots
25) A few hours to yourself to catch up on the soaps from Laura at Oh So Mummy
26) Going out for a child free meal from Leanne at A Slice of my Life Wales
27) A good book from Jaime at Life with the speeds, Vicki at Tippytupps and Nita from Mummy Wishes

A large bookcase

For the Home

28) Bunches of Daffodils in the Spring from Jen at Mum in the Madhouse
29) Having a Cleaner come round and blitz the house from Alice at Living with a Jude
30) Ironed sheets on the bed from Jen at Mum in the Madhouse

Gifts To Ourselves

31) My gym membership from Louise at A Strong Coffee and Clare at Neon Rainbow
32) Going to Pilates from Jo at Mummy's Knee
33) A posh pair of Knickers (or at least a pair that don't come in a pack of five!) from Hollie at Thrifty Mum
34) A trip to the Hairdressers from Lisa at That British Betty
35) Cosying up with your husband (your own husband!) from Victoria at Lylia Rose
36) Some high end make up like Urban Decay or Kat Von D and time to put it on from Erica at The Incidental Parent
37) Time to yourself after the children have gone to bed from Lynn at Glasgow with Kids
38) Watch some TOWIE or Trashy TV with wine and chocolates from Lianne at Ankle Biters Adventures and Sarah at Arthur Wears

This isn't really Trashy TV, it's a scene from The Princess Bride

39) Bloom and Wild Flowers monthly subscription from Emily at Ella's Abode
40) A trip to the salon for gel nails from Hannah at The Amphletts
41) HD Brows (Brow shaping and products) from Kerry at Kerry Shaw, Mummy of Four
42) Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules, from ebay from Natalie at Crummy Mummy
43) A gel nail kit from Kirsty at Miss Pork Pie
44) Expensive Candles from Anthea at Blue Bear Wood
45) Perfume, everyday and a special occasions bottle from Becca at Pears and Chocolate Sauce

Water Bottles used as light fitting

And these next few are from me and sort of cover lots of categories!

46) Plan a weekly date night, even if it's just in your own living room
47) Spend time with friends
48) Take time to daydream, if I won the lottery is a favourite of mine
49) Participate in your favourite hobby, drawing, knitting, surfing the web with no guilt.
50) Burn your favourite candle or use a favourite air freshener.
51) Plan a meal you love, Chicken and Salad for me!

A bright and colourful Chicken Salad

And I've left the last of the everyday luxuries for one comment that really caught my eye because I think that this is one we can all relate to and is something which is so small you wouldn't think makes a difference to your daily life, but I can attest it does!

52) Quilted Toilet Roll from Claire at The Happy Weaner

Quilted Toilet Roll, an every day luxury

So there you go, 52 luxuries that might make the week a little better for you. Is your favourite luxury on the list? If not, what would you add?