My Last Meal

This isn't me being morbid I swear. It's just that I've been thinking a lot recently about food that I like, food that I couldn't imagine not having again. So I thought about it and write a blog post and then ask you what you would want as your last ever meal. Just a suggestion though, don't skype your husband and say something like "If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you want to eat tonight?" because your husband will wonder if you are planning to kill him, or if you'd planned something other than the jacket potato and beans you'd written on the meal plan...

If you asked me what my favourite meal was I would probably say Chicken Salad. The way I make it, however. I like a big proper salad, mixed lettuce leaves with a few tomatoes. I don't mind if the tomatoes are cherry or salad or even baby plum tomatoes, as long as they are there. I like to put some spring onions in and just to overload the onion taste a few chives too. I like a few slices of cucumber and sometimes some slices of peppers or celery too, but they aren't essential.

Slow Roasted Chicken and Salad

The chicken I prefer to have been slow roasted, or even just leftover from a roast. It doesn't have to be, but that's what I prefer. There needs to be plenty of salt over the chicken and salad. Sometimes I like a little black pepper too, but I have to be in the mood. Sometimes that's all I want, other times I like to add a salad dressing. Either Balsamic Vinegar or my favourite a Honey Mustard dressing.

So that is most certainly what I'd want my last meal to be.

Although, saying that sometimes I love a lovely bit of rare steak. I've eaten steak rare for as long as I could remember because my Mum ate it like that. Once when Flyfour and I were in Switzerland, well just over the border in France, we ordered steak from the Hotel restaurant. It was only after the waiter had gone, that Flyfour realised he hadn't requested that it be cooked well (as he favoured) and of course when it came out it was rare and Flyfour being British decided to eat it rather than complain.


Although he still orders a medium steak in the restaurants we go to together. So maybe I'd want my last meal to be Steak and Salad, with a side of onion rings and some garlic mushrooms.

But then, what about Sausages and a buttery Mash with an onion gravy and a side of peas? They taste amazing too and how could I not have that as my last meal?

And then there is Pasta. Oh my gosh, I love pasta. Cooked with just a little salt in the water and then just some butter stirred in, poor man's pasta but oh so lovely. Or pasta with some chopped courgettes and some tomato and bacon mixed in. Or with tuna and sweetcorn. Or with prawns or a Ragu!

Pasta with Courgettes, Tomato and Ham

Of course, there is my favourite take away of all time, a Chinese banquet, with Spring Rolls and Noodles and Egg Fried Rice and Lemon Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork Balls and Prawn Crackers and Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup and Sticky Ribs and Seaweed and Duck Pancakes... oh my gosh that is a meal fit for a king.

That would most definitely have to be my last meal.

Then again, what if a proper roast with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes and vegetables and cauliflower cheese was on offer?

What about Casserole with slices of french stick thickly buttered served with mash potato and dumplings?

Casserole and Dumplings with Buttery Mash

What about a BBQ? Where everything is slightly burnt, but not badly enough to make you think of charcoal.

What about Fish and Chips from the Chippie?

What about a Bacon Sandwich?

What about a Sausage Sandwich?

What about a Fish Finger Sandwich?

What about a lush Quiche?

What about Sushi?!

There's just one thing for it. I'm going to have to stay alive long enough to eat all my favourite dishes several times over.