Bathroom Advice Please!

One of the things I have hated since moving into our current home is the bathroom. I hate the tiles. I hate the toilet because it's not been fitted properly and so it leaks. I hate that we have a bath and only a shower that runs off the mixer taps. I hate that it is so small.

Seriously I just hate it.

Some people may like these tiles. I however blinking hate them

We have saved up enough money to redo the bathroom and I can't wait. I have a Pinterest board full of ideas and enough booklets here from various different suppliers to build my own library. A really boring library of bathroom fittings, but a library none the less.

I have some pretty firm ideas about what I want.

The walls are going to be tiled white, floor to ceiling and every wall. The tiles will be on the larger side because I've been reliably informed that the size and colour will help with the illusion of the bathroom being bigger.

At the moment I'm thinking of going for a light grey tiled floor, just a little different to the white walls, but enough to make a difference and stop it feeling quite so clinical. I would have liked a feature floor, but apparently if I don't stop asking for sparkles Flyfour is going to either murder me or not let me have my own way with the work we're undertaking!

Of course, I'll add pops of colour with towels (although half of them will be white because that way they'll stay "cleaner" for longer thanks to hot washes!) and a shower mat and possibly a line of tiles around the shower and the sink or even with the grout, although annoyingly Flyfour has told me I'm not allowed glitter grout because he is a meanie.


I need help.

You see, for years I've thought that what we were going to have was a shower over the bath, like we do now. I was going to get one of the shaped ones, so there is more space to stand and shower in, but then, I decided that what we really needed was a double length shower and no bath. None of us take baths and just shower instead, so the bath seems pointless.

I've looked into it and I've found a brilliant shower enclosure that I love and despite the way our bathroom is set up, it needing to be raised up slightly (so maybe a line of colour with the tiles on the step) will fit into our bathroom perfectly.

My ideal would be basically a walk in shower like this

A friend has said that we'll regret not having a bath and we'll miss it every few months if we get rid of the tub.

Another friend has said that if we do have a bath with a shower like enclosure that we'll regret not having the larger shower area.

I've been thinking too about the future. Flyfour and I aren't sure that this house is our forever home I mean it probably is for the next five to ten years but we can't rule out that we will move again and so is the shower going to cause problems when we come to sell our house?

So give me your advice.

Would you go for a shower enclosure or a P Shaped Shower/bath?

Would you have a bit of colour in the tiles or floor or the towels or in another way that I've not thought of?

Or spam me with pictures of your bathroom, so that I can get inspiration from them!