My Birthday Bucket List

A few weeks before my birthday, when I was thinking about what gifts I could suggest to others I was thinking about what my priorities are, what I want in life and how I was going to achieve this. I realised that if I was asked for gift suggestions that I could mention gifts which I could use to further my progress to the goals that I'd come to realise I was aiming to and more importantly now that I was aware of these goals more acutely that I could actually focus on them more clearly.

Pippa and Flyfour on a walk

Some of them were really obvious. I wanted to be more active, I wanted to spend more time with my husband and I'd already made the promise to myself to dress up a little bit more and no always looks so scruffy. The other two were even easier, Flyfour and I made a promise to go for a walk each night together. Occasionally life gets in the way and we've missed just two nights, but I've walked over three marathons on my own since my birthday and Flyfour and I should be completing our second this week.

And so as is normal for me, I've been thinking even more about my goals and my life and I've come up with a bucket list for the next year for me (and occasionally for my family as I've stolen a few from the Family Fun List) to complete before my next birthday.

Wanna see what they are? Oh, okay then!

  1. Have Afternoon Tea.
  2. Go on the London Eye.
  3. Draw or paint something and have it on display somewhere that isn't my home.
  4. Go indoor skydiving.
  5. Eat Spaghetti Tacos.
  6. Go Wild Swimming.
  7. Play Frisbee Golf.
  8. Doodle design my own tennis shoes.
  9. Cross Stitch a family motto.
  10. Take a weekend trip.
  11. Walk The Parks Trust Challenge in one day.
  12. Make a Music Video.

So, as you can see there are 12 there, which works out as one a month for the next year... I'm actually really excited for this year and I can't wait to work through my Birthday Bucket List.

I'll update this list here as and when I complete my challenges with links to my blog posts showing my adventures but don't forget you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what I'm up to, pretty much as I am up to it!