What We Are Eating This Week 6th May 2017

I thought I would actually do a meal plan this week, as I keep forgetting what I've put on the note on the fridge when I am elsewhere, like in bed or at the Supermarket picking up something that I forgot to get when I did the weekly shopping trip or I am hanging out with my Mum!

I also managed to get a free Click and Collect slot at Tesco, so was rather pleased because shopping is such a bore and instead of shopping, went on a date with my lovely husband!

Saturday - Baked Sloppy Joes

This is a firm family favourite, it's quick to make even if it does take some time to cook, but it fills the house with a warm and tasty smell, so nobody minds that much! We have decided (as we do every time!) to make double the amount of the meat part of the dish, as everyone always wants seconds and if there is some left over then it can be used as lunch tomorrow or frozen for use later or as is more likely, be my lunch on Monday.

Sunday - Roast Beef

Flyfour and I were talking about not having Chicken or Sausages for a couple of weeks as our Sunday Roast, as whilst they are loved and always much appreciated (especially on days like today where it is a Fast Sunday) they can get a little repetitive.

We decided to have Roast Beef, as Turkey is too similar to Chicken and lamb and pork can have erm unfortunate side effects on some members of the family!

Monday - Pasta and Sauce For all!

The children are having meals during the day at school, whilst Flyfour and I are still eating our larger meal at night and so meals like Pasta with a simple tomato sauce are perfect for us. The children can eat a smaller amount, but still feel full and because of the sneaky extra vegetables I'm always adding to our sauces they get even more than the five portions of fruit and veg a day that is suggested we eat as a daily minimum.

Tuesday - Cheesy Pasta

I have training tonight and Top Ender has Youth, so hopefully, after picking her up from Orchestra and before we go to our respective meetings we'll be able to scarf down some Mac and Cheese type style pasta.

Yes, I know that this is Pasta for the second day running, but I'm using up the odds and ends in the cupboard and wait until you see what is for our evening meal tomorrow!

Wednesday - Pasta

Yeah. Pasta again.

Okay, today it is because once more I'm off out to a meeting as is Top Ender and again, Top Ender has an after School club. I could have done something like Sandwiches or beans on toast, but I only have one can of beans in the cupboard (as our favourite brand are not on offer at the moment and I refuse to buy them when they aren't on offer, but if my schedule is right they will be back on offer next week!) and personally I hate Baked Beans!

Thursday - Soup

Yay! Okay, well not so much super yay because the soup will just be for Flyfour and I as the children will have Beans on Toast before Top Ender goes out again... Yes, again! Seriously this child is out more often than she is in!

Friday - Pizza

Homemade pizza is always a favourite dish here and I can't wait, to make the dough in the morning, freeze the extra and just let everyone enjoy eating their own personalised pizza.