What We Are Eating W/C 27th May 2017

I'm late with my meal plans today because, well because I haven't made one yet! That's right, I'm making this week up as I go along. Not just because I haven't gone shopping on Friday like I normally do, not because I didn't go shopping today (Saturday) but because this week we are transitioning back to the whole Family eating in the evening instead of at lunchtime as Dan Jon Jr is going to stop having cooked meals at School and back to having Packed Lunches.

Dan Jon Jr pulling faces

At the minute we figure it is just until the weather turns back to being cooler again, but I think until Dan Jon Jr can work out his carbs himself it might be a permanent transition!

With that in mind, this is what we are eating this week.

Saturday - Chinese Chicken and Wedges

Dan Jon Jr, Top Ender and I went to a Baptism this afternoon and we decided that the meal that we were planning to have tomorrow (the chicken and Wedges) would be better for tonight as it would be quicker and the meal we were having tonight (which is now scheduled for tomorrow) was much more filling.

Sunday - Toad in the Hole

Flyfour was thinking about Toad in the Hole and decided that it would be a good pick as a family meal. The children and Flyfour will have Baked Beans because they love them, but I'll have Sweetcorn because I'm apparently a heathen.

I'll be a heathen if it means I don't have to eat Baked Beans.

Monday - PIZZA!

Netflix gave us a brilliant idea for a Family Day and we decided to participate on the Bank Holiday Monday. We're going to make pizza together (Netflix gave us a gift card to buy the supplies) and then watch a film or two (or three or four) together. The great thing about this is that everyone will make the pizza that they like and nobody will have to share!

It's a great thing when you have your favourite pizza and don't have to share.

Tuesday to Friday

So. At the moment we have absolutely nothing planned and as I won't be going shopping until Tuesday I suppose I had better get some ideas and pretty quickly!

I figure we'll go with things that the children can make, so Vegetable Kebabs (even though Top Ender claims she hates Courgettes) for lunch one day, possibly Ratatouille (Top Ender forgets that Courgettes are in it!), Paella and the curry that we should have had last week but didn't...

We also have a Jerk Chicken recipe that we're thinking of trying...

So what are you eating this week?