It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday today and last week when I was thinking about what kind of cake I would like, the one thought that came to my mind was a song by Parry Gipp, that Dan Jon Jr has sent to me a few times and I often sing because apparently that's the type of grown up I am. It's called "There's a Cat licking your Birthday Cake" and there is a cat in the video drawn by Brianne Drouhard that I think looks adorable.

I sketched out a copy of the cat that I wanted on the cake and posted it on my social media accounts.

A pencil sketch of a cat from Parry Gipps "There's a Cat licking your Birthday Cake" by me based on the original art of Brianne Drouhard.

I mean who wouldn't want that on their cake right?

What do you mean you wouldn't want that on your cake and you have no idea why I would? Okay, let me explain why this cake and song means so much to me and why my family find this the most appropriate cake decoration in the world ever.

Twelve or Thirteen years ago on Flyfour's birthday, his Mum popped round to our house and gave him a birthday cake that she had made. My parents were at our house at the time, and I'm not sure why but my MIL didn't stay very long.

A few minutes later Flyfour went to the Kitchen to cut up the cake that I had made to share with our guests, but as Flyfour went out to the Kitchen he found Moses had jumped up on the work surface and was busy licking the cake that Flyfour's Mum had delivered.

So with that story in mind, let me ask again, who wouldn't want this design on their cake and doesn't that seem like the perfect cake design for me? I mean I am the crazy cat lady!

So here is the cake that I made, well actually that's a lie. I purchased the cake and just drew the cat on top and coloured it in using my food colouring pens, inks and paint brushes. You know the normal stuff that wannabe cake decorators have in their cupboards.

My Parry Gipp inspired Birthday cake from the "There's a Cat licking your Birthday Cake" video based on the original art of Brianne Drouhard.

We're going to spend today going to school, well the children are (and I'll be dropping off and picking up) and then we're going to Ikea this evening with my Mum to have a mosey around AND to have a meal in the restaurant to celebrate both our birthdays (her's was yesterday) and hopefully some cake too.

I'm pretty sure that today could be a brilliant birthday after all my extended birthday weekend has been fabulous!

Oh and just in case you want to see what all the fuss is about, here is the video below.