Socks, Socks and More Socks!

At the weekend Flyfour and I were sitting on the living room floor folding laundry together when I was suddenly pelted with a pile of balled up socks. You see, I appear to have had an unfortunate influence on my children and Flyfour was a tiny bit annoyed about it with me.

Everyone knows that I love socks, remember the time I almost got in trouble with my love of socks at Church? Yeah, well, the children also love their socks and now Flyfour is finding it hard to tell the difference between which pair of socks belong to which family member. Well, apart from his. He can tell his socks from mine and the children's.

Plenty of Socks

Anyway. I was pelted with socks because Flyfour decided that I should work out which pair of socks belonged to who and I had it sorted within thirty seconds and not just because I know which my socks are!

The children and I have a plan to confuse Flyfour a bit more. We've seen some socks which are for both Adults and Children and have their own personalities. May I introduce to you Kloss the Clown, Meggy a vintage computer gamer, Loli the culture vulture and Gelly a collector.

The perfect gift to raise a smile, meet your feet’s new best friends; Kloss the Clown (what a joker!), Meggy (vintage computer gamer), Loli (popular culture vulture) and Gelly (the collector).

The socks are great, the pattern part is hidden by your shoe and the leg part is plain black, so Top Ender and Dan Jon could wear these socks to School and not look like they are breaking the rules and I could actually look like a real grown up for once. The pack of four are available at a cost of £26 for the adults and £16 for the children from Chattyfeet or you can get a single pair if you want at a cost of £8 for adults or £5 for children.

I'm actually really excited about them, although I think once Flyfour reads this post he might say something about how I'm not to buy matching socks for the children and I!