A Walk In College Wood, Nr Nash Buckinghamshire

When Flyfour and I were walking around The Ouzel Valley Park, Flyfour told me about a woods that he had found in the local area not too far from a Village called Nash in Buckinghamshire, which in turn isn't that far from where we live in Milton Keynes. The woods were owned by The Woodland Trust and are just under 129 acres, which seems really large to me! It had been a toss-up between a walk at The Ouzel Valley Park and College Wood and so we decided that we'd go the next day to College Wood for a Sunday Morning walk.

The Woodland Trust Welcome to College Wood sign

Again, the children didn't join us. Top Ender was trying to avoid contact with humans (she was fasting and just a tiny bit ready for not fasting!) and Dan Jon Jr was having a well-deserved lay in... well he got up at 7 am and had breakfast and then went back to bed to read, watch youtube videos and basically wasn't getting up until lunch time!
Flyfour and I didn't mind, we still like each other so a walk together in the woods was a good plan. We weren't sure what route to take when we got to the wood, so we just walked one way and hoped for the best.

A Pathway in College Wood, Nr Nash Buckinghamshire

I was a little worried, I mean we were in the middle of nowhere we didn't have a map of the woods and other than the GPS on our phones we were on our own. I've been spoilt by the Parks Trust! Admittedly it was beautiful and so pretty quickly we didn't mind that we didn't know where we were.

We saw a lot of different Butterflies, luckily Butterflies I can tell the difference between and we saw some Cabbage Whites, Wood Whites, White Admirals and Red Admirals and looking up on the website apparently in a few months we might see some Purple Hairstreaks which would be brilliant!

There were some beautiful clearings that we stumbled across, broken benches, fallen trees, rotting logs, glades of flowers, a chair up a tree... okay that one wasn't beautiful that one was just plain creepy.

a broken bench in College Wood, Nr Nash Buckinghamshire

The end of a cut tree in College Wood, Nr Nash Buckinghamshire

Eventually, we found a route that wasn't as well trodden as the rest of the walk we had been on. Flyfour and I were planning on taking another route when we saw that there were hundreds of Bluebells further along the path.

Now, I have a lot of love for Bluebells. In fact, I was majorly disappointed when the walk at Wendover hadn't given me the blue carpet that I had wanted to see on my birthday. As we walked further down this path, I could see that Flyfour had planned this. He had known that there were Bluebells in the wood and we just had to find them.

a glade of Bluebells in College Wood, Nr Nash Buckinghamshire

It was so beautiful, there were the sounds of distant sheep calling to their lambs and the sound of birds tweeting to each other and gentle rustling as the wind blew through the leaves and the crack of dried branches as Flyfour trod on them... remind me not to take him if I ever need to hide from hunters he is way too noisy!

A close up of some bluebells in College Wood, Nr Nash Buckinghamshire

We, of course, took a Selfie to remind us of our walk and apart from stumbling upon a lady who was sat on a bench in a glade bathed in the sunlight, we didn't see anybody in the woods.

Pippa D and Flyfour in College Wood, Nr Nash, Buckinghamshire

We walked just under two miles by walking down to the end of the Woods and then back up on a different path, but there is another side of the Woods that we didn't venture into and would love to on our next visit.