Dressing Up To Go Shopping #SponsoredPost

If you follow me on Facebook, or know me in real life and are friends with me on Facebook, then you know that I love going out shopping with my Mum each week. I sometimes get in a little bit of trouble with her because I do things that aren't quite what she expects a thirty-something daughter of hers to do. For example, I might play Hide and Seek, or stand at the bottom of the escalator and call up after her "Mum, Don't leave me!" with fake tears and overly dramatic gestures, I've even been known to randomly stick things in her basket or trolley just to see if she notices!

PippaD and her Mum DottyMawMaw

Secretly, though I know my Mum loves it, loves all the photos I put up of the two of us and all the times I post our amusing conversations on Facebook. Actually, there is no secret about it, look at her posing in that photograph above. She loves it.

In fact, I know only one thing that can annoy my Mum when I go out each week with her and that's if I'm not dressed nicely. I love my Mum, of course I do, I once even wrote an essay at School about how she was one of my closest friends but she has high standards and will let me know if she approves of what outfit I am wearing by commenting on it, if she doesn't like it then NOTHING is said. The silence is deafening.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dressing up for my Mum but with my recent-ish resolve to dress more nicely, I'm sure my Mum is rejoicing as my new look is something which is a bit smarter than the usual scruff she was getting used to and I have to admit that combined with wearing makeup more often has done wonders for my self-esteem (despite the spot that keeps appearing on my chin) and the benefits of my Mum liking it too just means everyone is happy!

I have found some easy ways to get my Mum to approve of my outfits, the first is to let her buy me clothing that we both like, the key fact being something that we both like.

My Mum loves buying me certain key pieces, like Knitwear that we know, will go with trousers or jeans or whatever else I'm wearing on my bottom half. I like longer line items, I prefer my tops to cover my butt, but at least reaching my hip. The other thing she likes to buy me that are key pieces are items that are classed as accessories, like bags. Which is why we both own the exact same handbag!

PippaD and DottyMawMaw with matching handbags

The second way is to wear something that I've worn before and she approves of. I have a dress, which she loves me wearing and compliments me on every time I wear it around her AND she didn't buy it or even go shopping with me when I did buy it.

Yes, I feel rather proud of myself every time I wear that dress.

The other good thing about this is, I have four or five outfits that she "approves" of and so I wear them, occasionally throwing in a new outfit to see if it gets approval and wear them far enough apart that when I next wear them, my Mum forgets that she's seen me wear it before or even that she purchased it for me and compliments me on it all over again!

My last way of getting my Mum to approve of my outfit is to dress in a similar fashion to her although I don't wear the "fashion" of today like my Mum does. Yes, my Mum owns sheer shirts and jeans with holes ripped in the legs and loves stuff like that, I don't!

PippaD dressed up and looking nautical!

My Mum, however, also loves wearing Kaftans and Cover-ups, which is fine by me, as I'm not a fan of my arms and so wearing a top over the top of my T-shirt or Shirt helps me feel more comfortable and when I do lose her in a Supermarket, means I don't mind wandering around all the fridge aisles looking for her as I'm nice and warm.

Now all I need to worry about is how I'm going to wind my Mum up the next time we go shopping together! Anybody got any suggestions other than wearing a full on Fancy Dress outfit around the Supermarket?!

This is a sponsored post, I shall use the money to buy some shoes or a fancy dress outfit to wear whilst shopping with my Mum!