What We Are Eating W/C 20th May 2017

I'm thinking that we are stuck in a rut again at the minute with regards to meals. I'm trying to think of meals that we haven't had before, that we can cook twice on evenings where the children will eat earlier than Flyfour and I and of course meals that can be cooked quickly.

And I'm losing the battle.

My version of a Ploughman's lunch. Blooming lovely too.

Anyway, here is what we are eating this week.

Saturday - Spaghetti Tacos

So, did you see my blog post where I mentioned that I have a bucket list to do before my next birthday? Yeah, well one of the things on the list was Spaghetti Tacos and so I've added it to my meal tonight!

Sunday - Chicken and Wedges

We had this last weekend and it was lovely, so we're going to have it again this week and again next week too.

Flyfour made some wedges, using seasonings we have on hand and they were LUSH, way better than any I've ever had in any restaurant and better than any I've ever picked up in a supermarket too.

I really can't wait for this meal.

Monday - Nachos and Cheese

Monday is the night where we are actually all at home, no clubs just family time. Tonight we're going to have Nachos for our evening meal and then we'll have a treat pudding after our Family Home Evening activity and lesson.

Tuesday - Bacon Risotto

You know how you can buy that really cheap Cooking Bacon? Well, I decided to buy some and throw it in some risotto.

I love risotto.

Wednesday - Vegetable Curry

Flyfour loves curry, but he doesn't often have one because, well I'm not a curry fan. I thought a nice Veggie curry today might allow us both to be happy, however, I'll be happy because I do love a vegetable curry and he'll be happy because it's a curry!

Thursday - Sausage Kebabs

Flyfour suggested having Sausages and Wedges for our meal tonight, but I thought that we'd go with something a bit different. I decided that if I were to cut up some sausages and put them on kebab sticks along with some tomatoes, mushrooms and slices of pepper that I would be able to get the children eating a meal that looks healthy and is tasty!

Friday - Loaded Hasselback Potatoes

So, imagine if you would a jacket potato, on a plate. The toppings would be, I don't a bit of bacon, some chives, some of whatever you fancy. A bit boring right? Yeah, exactly. However, a loaded Hasselback Potato whilst actually being the exact same thing sounds more exciting and if we're honest, looks more exciting too!

Just don't tell my children that they are actually Jacket Potatoes!