Having Fun In The Garden!

I love that my husband has passions and hobbies that maybe I don't share the same amount of enthusiasm for, but I am appreciative of all the same. For example many years ago I remember watching Through the Keyhole and the guest on the show that evening had the best house in the world to my young mind.

If you were sitting at the kitchen table, you could press a button and a bath would start running (in the bathroom obviously), or you could make the table fold into place from the bath, look I was young, I was impressionable but I did not make this up. Ever since then, I wanted an automated house too but I'm the kinda gal who just wants to move in. I don't want the hassle of having to programme everything!

Luckily Flyfour doesn't feel the same way.

Flyfour, my genius geek of a husband

Which is why our home is slowly turning into an automated home, without me having to lift a finger.

I will get Flyfour to explain what he has done at some point in the future, but to sum it up he said that he personally was "fascinated by automation in technology - the idea that I can get a "thing" to do a "thing" or talk to another "thing" without needing to press a "thing" and if that makes my life easier, or just more fun, then that's a bonus."

Which is why over the last month I have been having a LOT of fun in my back garden. You see, for some reason, Flyfour decided that what he really wanted to do was to tweet a picture of our back garden on the hour every hour and of course as soon as I knew about this, I had to join in with some little occasional treats for those who decide to follow the Twitter stream, which is currently me, Flyfour and some company from America!

PippaD in her back garden, thanks to the automated picture

Here are a few snaps from my Birthday,

PippaD blowing out a Birthday Candle
PippaD wearing a Birthday Crown

The cats got in on the action,

Moses sitting in the garden (by the chair)Willow in the garden (on the herb table at the back)

As did the children,

Dan Jon Jr with an Ice Cream and Top Ender hiding under a tree!

There are further plans for the future of this webcam. We're having some work done in the garden in the next few weeks and we thought it would be cool to watch as the work transforms our garden.

I've also made lots of suggestions to my husband about what could be cool for others to see if they watch our Camera. So far Bubbles blowing about, a Where's Wally type picture hunt, Hidden messages, and a giant game of Chess are the four that he hasn't immediately said no to... So, feel free to follow the Twitter stream at MyGardenPics and send me PippaD some ideas of what you'd like us to set up in the garden!