If You Were On A Desert Island

As I was falling asleep last night I started to play the Desert Island game.

You know the one, you're stuck on a desert island and you are allowed to take three things with you so what would you take?

The Beach and the sea

I thought for a little bit about how I would take some kind of Solar powered Satellite and a PC, as that way I could have access to the internet, VOIP telephone calls and possibly some TV.

I thought about how it would be handy to take sunscreen.

I thought how it would be sensible to take some medical supplies and possibly my own private Doctor or Surgeon.

I thought it might be clever to take some battery operated power tools.

I thought it might be wise to take a couple of different outfits, or at least cloth that I could turn into clothes as my weaving isn't that great and I'm sure after a few weeks on the island I would lose weight.

I thought it would be nice to take some books to while away the hours that I wasn't hunting and gathering food or building myself a shelter.

I thought about taking a Chef who could create wonderful dishes from the plentiful fruits and vegetables growing on the island.

I thought how I might like my family to come.

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr on the beach

I thought about how I'd like music, or something I could make music on.

I thought about how I'd quite like a comfortable bed and pillow.

And just as I was falling asleep I jolted myself awake with a realisation of how I would actually only need one thing to take with me.

A Boat!