The Pippa Starter Pack

You know those clickbaity webpages on Facebook, that promise to tell you what you'll be talking about in the next twenty years, or where you are going on holiday, or how many kids you'll have? Yes, the ones that everyone hates but still manages to click on at least one of them at some point during the week. Well, I love them. Even though I know that they aren't really true and that the answers they give are selected from a small pool.

From the answers that I have been given, I have created a Youtube playlist of all the songs that various quizzes announce as my song to dance to, to be played at my funeral, is my theme song, is the song I get bow chicka wow wow to... I have quotes in my quote book that are supposedly perfect for me, I have enough holiday ideas to outlive any wanderlust and I'm pretty certain that if I were to have any more children they wouldn't look like a cross between Ryan Gosling and myself!

Ryan Gosling and PippaD morph baby

The other week I saw one that I had to find out the answer to. It was a Stater Pack for me. Everything you would need to be me. And it came up with this.

The PippaD Starter pack

Now, I don't know if you've only just started reading my blog or if you're someone who knows me IRL, but basically you see that picture up there? Those four random pictures that the webpage decided were my starter pack?


Let's take them one at a time.

The Socks

My love of socks is well known, I mean I even have a funny story about socks that means everyone in my ward (parish) at Church knows that I love socks. More importantly I love funny socks, cute socks, character socks, odd socks... just any socks that allow me to show a bit of personality and give me a giggle. Take a look at all the socks on my Instagram with the hashtag #AMRSocks!

The Glasses

It's not odd to have one eye that is on the shortsighted side and one eye that is on the longsighted side but it's not common either (cue millions of people telling me that they have the same) and I was advised to wear my glasses, when reading, watching TV, Driving, working on a PC, or doing something that requires concentration.

So all the time then.

Therefore most of the time you will see me with my glasses balanced on my head and me doing a weird kind of nod to get them onto my nose because I forgot I should be wearing them for whatever I'm doing.

The Bag

I'm the sort of girl who likes messenger bags and back packs because I have so many things that I need to carry round with me that I need to have a big bag to cart it all around in! I mean on top of the Diabetic Supplies I carry, note cards and pens, book, mobile phone charger, chewing gum, bag for shopping, a bottle of water, make up, lip balm, moisturiser... look the list goes on!

The Plaid Shirts

Okay, so the shirts in that picture are mens shirts, so I'm not sure if this is telling me that I need to be Dave Gorman (he's the only person I can think of that always wears that style of shirt), or rather that if you want to be me that you need to enjoy his comedy.

Alternatively it could be that you need a Flyfour in your life to be a Pippa, after all look at the shirt he wore on my birthday!

Flyfour wearing a Plaid shirt

So, what does all this mean? Well, I think it can only mean one thing... I'm not real. I'm a computer generated quiz idea of what a Pippa should be!