The New French Doors!

So you may have seen my post yesterday about my new Front Door and saw that I mentioned that we were swarmed with builders and assumed they had just sent out a zillion guys to ensure the front door was fitted quickly.

It wasn't.

In fact, they sent out just one despite having TWO jobs to do at our house and still they were both completed this past weekend.

A solo door fitter fitting my new Front Door

Many years ago, when Flyfour and I were talking about our home, we decided that our side driveway was a little bit of wasted space. It's too narrow for a modern car to fit down (and for people to then get out!) but it gets brilliant sunshine during the day and early evening that we're missing out on because it's a gravel driveway that nobody wants to sit on!

It was agreed, that someday we'd do something lovely out there, we just didn't know what.

And by that I mean, Flyfour didn't know what, as I knew what I wanted and just needed to talk it up enough that Flyfour wanted it too and would eventually think it was his idea. And it worked.

I wanted something with a French Bistro Vibe, you know what I mean? The sort of outdoor patio space, with planters and metal tables and those chairs you always see outside cafe's in France, which is why we recently had French Doors installed in our den, to give us easier access to the soon to be Side Patio!

This means it's gone from this,

The window in the den

and internally like this;

The Den from the inside

To this.

The New French Doors leading to the soon to be side Patio from the Den

And this from the inside!

The New French Doors leading to the soon to be side Patio from the Den at night!

A big change huh? Yup, we think so too and can't wait for our external works to be complete so we can make use of the new doors!

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