The Course We Didn't Want To Go On

A few months back on one of my visits with Dan Jon Jr to the Diabetic Team, we went to see the Nutritionist. Now, the nutritionist isn't my favourite part of Dan Jon's care team for many reasons and normally I refuse to go and see her because despite being a lovely person the advice that is given to us is pretty useless. For example, when Dan Jon was first diagnosed we were told to give him carb free snacks of meat and I'm pretty certain that's why his cholesterol level has been raised as it's not like we are sitting here scarfing down foods high in saturated fat everyday.


For some reason we went to see the nutritionist and she suggested that Dan Jon Jr go on a course for a few weeks, something which would get him to exercise more and was more of a club and it sounded great.

And then I forgot all about it.

Top Ender, Dan Jon Jr and PippaD

Then one rainy afternoon, one of the staff members of the course called me, inviting my family to attend the course. This is great, I'll sell it to the children (siblings are highly encouraged to attend also) as being a great bonding exercise and forget to mention the actual exercise part of it all.

Only I had to attend too.

I had to attend as a parent and with the other parents be "educated" on nutrition and a healthy balanced diet. Yes, you can hear my eyes rolling. So, we went along. Me, reminding the children to make friends, to take part, to remember that this was for our benefit and of course them reminding me right back.

It seems like I was against it from the start right?

Well, yes maybe I was but I didn't mean to be. I don't want my children to be the kind of people who like me suffer in the future because of ill choices made in their past and I figured that if we could educate them even more than Flyfour and I are currently doing then we might be seeing more unexpected benefits in the future.

And so, we went the first week and I learnt nothing as did the children.

What we were taught as adults, or rather what was lectured to us wasn't useful at all. It wasn't useful to the other families there, who have real problems not ones set out in text books. It was honestly ridiculous and I nearly left half way through the meeting.

I stuck with it in case the children were learning something.

However, after the meeting the children told me they didn't learn anything either. In fact at one point, Top Ender questioned what the leader was teaching them as being incorrect and showed him why. I mean it could have been a trick question to see who was paying attention, but my children are pretty certain it wasn't.

I asked if they wanted to return.

Dan Jon Jr did, and so we agreed that we would do it again. We would stick with the programme and attend and try to learn something.