Home Improvements

I am SO excited.

After Flyfour and I discussed that our Bathroom needed to be revamped we came up with a list of a few other things that needed sorting in our home, or rather that we would like to have sorted in our home to make our house the home we have been dreaming of. It was a bit like dreaming of what you would do if you won the lottery, how you would spend the money. Together we created a list of things both big and small jobs that we wanted to do.

PippaD and Flyfour

Things like...

Like our front door and the full height window next to it, right opposite our bathroom door, which is terrible inconvenient when you come out of the bathroom after a shower.

Like our side driveway which is shingled and full of weeds and barely usable.

Like our patio, which is uneven and full of holes.

Like our garden which is more overgrown than I care to fully admit.

Like our Kitchen roof which at this point is more fixed patches than roof.

Like our Kitchen which is okay, but really needs a few bits being fixed and upgraded.

Like our Garage door which may have been broken since we moved in. 

Like our Garage roof which may or may not have asbestos in it.

Like our Garage walls which need a couple of rows of bricks repointing.

Like our bedroom which we probably should have finished painting.

Like our bedroom which has carpet that is older than both our children.

Like Dan Jon's bedroom which has carpet made up of tiny off cuts.

Like Dan Jon's bedroom which he wants to repaint and make his own.

Like Dan Jon's bed which he hates and he is about to grow out of.

Like Top Ender's carpet which still has a stain from a few years ago.

Like Top Ender's room which needs redesigning to make more suitable for a Teenager.

Like Top Ender's bedroom which really could do with a lick of paint.

The small things like replacing broken pieces of skirting board, painting areas of walls that have been scratched or marked somehow, painting doors with a gloss coat or two those small things we knew we could deal with ourselves, in fact a few of them Flyfour has already completed and we've set aside a few others for our particular talents and skills over various weekends, time off and sunny afternoons.

The big things are being scheduled for the next few weeks and I couldn't be happier! Watch out on my Instagram for pictures of the works in progress, but check back here too as I won't be able to resist posting before and after photos here too!