What We Are Eating W/C 17th June 2017

Today I wanted to do one thing that I knew I could achieve. Just one thing because I needed a win and I knew if it was small and didn't really matter about being perfect, but that I could still cross it off my list it would count as a win.

So I made this meal plan.

As I said, it's not perfect but it's complete and it's now crossed off my list.

PippaD refusing to adult!

Saturday - Toad in the Hole

Top Ender really wanted a Toad in the Hole last week, but she only told me after I had made the meal plan, after I had been shopping and after I had decided that I didn't want Toad in the hole, I just couldn't cope with it.

You see, when Flyfour makes a Toad in the Hole (and it's normally him, because he makes the best gluten free Yorkshire puddings) he puts in some kind of amazing secret ingredient that makes you want to eat a portion of it.

And then another.

And if you can another.

Although very rarely do we make it to actually eating the third portion, no matter how much we feel like it. The point is, whatever it is that Flyfour does to the dish makes it so impossible to resist that we have to reduce our food intake at other meals to cope with the extra calories and so I need to prepare for it!

Sunday - Chicken Wings, Roast Vegetable Bake and Something Else

We have a thing about roasted vegetable tray bakes at the moment. Flyfour has been cutting our potatoes and carrots and other vegetables into cubes (well as cube like as we can) and roasting along with a scattering of herbs and wedges of onion... I honestly think that the man is trying to kill me with delicious food every weekend.

Monday - Pizza Toppings Jacket Potatoes

Now, normally on a Monday night I make something quick if I'm off out to a meeting as I am tonight. However, Flyfour should be home today so I figured he could make something a little more substantial for himself and the children and leave a portion for me to have when I eventually get home.

Then I thought, nah I'll just do something easy that he can serve because it'll be easier and decided to make Jacket Potatoes with pizza toppings because it's fun!

Tuesday - Cod with Chunky Vegetables

As you know, thanks to this blog, my family now happily eat a wide variety of fish. The only problem I have is that I like to serve my favourites, but my favourites also bore me and I want to experiment with new ideas. So I'm hoping that this dish will mix the two things together (my favourites and my new ideas) and everyone will eat it and be happy.

If not then they can all starve and I'll eat it all... well my sizzling portion of it anyway.

Wednesday - Veggie Packed Pasta

I love pasta, I love vegetables. It kinda makes sense to combine them. I'll throw in a few strips of ham to keep the children happy and we'll eat in the garden with a couple of slices of tiger bread each too.

I'm now looking forward to this meal the most out of all of the ones this week and not just because it'll only take ten minutes to prepare and I could get the children to do it leaving me to put my feet up and just supervise!

Thursday - Beef Stir Fry

For some reason Thursday was the last meal I planned this week (and that included planning lunches) and it was planned between phone calls from various builders and workmen because of all the projects that are going on at my house this summer.

So I went with a stir fry because it was quick and easy and the first thing that popped into my head!

Friday - Jerk Chicken with Sweet Potato

When we had this a few weeks back, the family fell in love with it. To the point that we knew it would be a regular feature in our meal plans. I've put it for our meal this evening, so we can all eat together and take our time and I've even planned a surprise pudding which is incredibly unhealthy and will only be given as a treat tonight because I planned this weeks meals when I was feeling so in need of a win!

So that's what we are eating this week, are you planing on eating anything similar this week or are you after a recipe of mine so you can recreate something for your own family? Let me know in the comments!