This Isn't To Go On Facebook

When you have a blog and your friends and family know about it, there is always a caveat when they tell you something.

"This isn't to go on Facebook or your blog, okay?"

Yeah, because that's what I do. I take your personal life and immediately tell the rest of the world.

I'm that callous and immature that I'm going to use your personal life to make my status updates seem more... yeah, I don't know what your personal life is going to do for my status updates.

PippaD looking like she has no clue what benefit your personal life is to her facebook

If I wanted to post real life on my status updates then I'd post updates about my own life.

Oh wait a minute, amongst all the chat about cheese and the other random things I post, I do post about my own life.

Sure, I might not post anything as salacious as the news you just told me but that's because I understand what is personal and what isn't.

I understand what I have the right to share and what I don't. And as for posting it on my blog. I don't know if you've read my blogs, but none of them are about *you*.

They are about the things my family get up to, the films we watch, the walks we go on, the food we eat and the randomness that I call my inner thoughts.

Posting the car wreck that is your life story wouldn't do me or my blog any good. I might however take inspiration for the book I'm trying to write.

Using my laptop to write a book

That's okay right? I mean you didn't tell me I couldn't write a book about it.