Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I've been trying to read some lovely new blogs over the last few weeks, and one of the best ways of doing this (that I find) is to read blog posts where the blogger talks about themselves and their families, and their hopes and aspirations... in other words blog posts like the one that is about to follow that Adventures in Websterland tagged me in recently.

So, I need to list ten things that make me happy. I'm pretty certain that you could all guess what I'm going to list, but that's okay it just proves that what I'm going to list are really things that make me happy!

PippaD being a Happy Bunny!


I got very very lucky when I met my Mr Right.

I mean, he is my best friend, the first thing I think of when I wake up, the last thing I think of when I go to sleep, he is in my thoughts all through the day and almost everything I do, I do it for him. Flyfour is my North Star and the one thing in my life that keeps me grounded, and let's face it I need a lot of grounding. I'm blooming crazy!


I used to read EVERYTHING that I could get my hands on, Sitting in the bath? Reading the bubble bath bottle. Brushing my teeth? Reading the toothpaste tube. Eating my evening meal? A book. Walking to School? A book.

And I don't think that I've changed over the last however many years either. Which is whyFlyfour was the best husband ever the other night and purchased me TWO new books. He's such a good husband.


So, allegedly being a Taurean I appreciate food more than most. I have no clue if that's true, but honestly, I LOVE FOOD. So let's see, what do I love the most? I can't narrow it down, you saw my last meal blog post right?!

I just love food.

Mobile Gaming

I have a slight addiction to some games on my mobile phone. I mean everyone knows I'm addicted to Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda and Candy Crush Jelly, but I also really love playing Snatch (well it's not really a game is it) and Clash Royale and this Wordsearch game that Top Ender introduced me to, Gardenscape and Giant Boulder of Death to name just a few!

I try not to play for more than a few hours a day, but spread out all day.


I really love a lot of Anime, but Studio Ghibli films hold a special place in my heart. The first one (Studio Ghibli film) I watched was Spirited Away, in the original Japanese and Top Ender was watching it with me too. Tops couldn't even read but managed to follow the story and I think that it may be my fault that she now pays for a monthly Crunchyroll subscription!

Dan Jon also loves his Anime too and many late nights are had by all three of us binge watching our favourite shows, rewatching our favourite movies and annoyingly none of us have yet learnt to speak Japanese... although Top Ender can sing three different songs and sounds fluent!


I love walking. I love going for my evening walks with Flyfour and for my daily walks on my own and for my weekend walks with the children.

I love walking to Town and back, I love walking home from the City Centre, I just love walking!

Hot Showers

The best showers in the world are the ones that are so hot that when you step inside them your skin melts off. Okay, I don't mean melts off, but you know the kind of lava burning shower I mean right?

They are so the best and I can't wait until my bathroom is refitted so that I can have a lush shower in a lush bathroom.


I love Netflix, I do. I mean there are hundreds of Films and TV shows and Cartoons and I just love watching them and listening to them and rewatching them. I watch Documentaries and Comedies and Dramas and shows with the children and shows with my husband and did you watch Anne with an E yet? Wow! That was a good show and I love the retelling of such a classic story.

I also love that my TV has a "Netflix" button, I mean seriously a button just for Netflix!


Okay, so of course I absolutely adore my two because they are fabulously wonderful. They are fun to be around, they tell the best jokes, they are kind and give the most brilliant hugs too. There are so many wonderful things about them, I shared some about Dan Jon the other day and Top Ender has had a few blog posts in the past that show the kind of young lady she is.

Dan Jon Jr and Top Ender

I didn't, however, say my children, but children in general. I love the children at the two Schools I'm a Governor at. I get to talk with them quite regularly and honestly talking with some of them is a highlight of my day. Well, apart from the child that really freaked me out with her Never Give Up message, I try to avoid talking to her in case she has any other messages for me!

Then, of course, there are the children at Church who are honestly the best part of my calling because they are so fun to be with. Even those who have left Primary and gone on to Young Men's and Young Women's are adorable and I consider a few of them very good friends of mine because they are the kind of good people that everyone wishes to be.

Musical Theatre

I am in love with Music, I love listening to Musicals and singing along and I know that sometimes I get annoyed with Flyfour asking me what Musical certain songs are from, but I do kinda have a knack for knowing ALL the songs from all the Musicals and since I listen to Encore Radio almost all day everyday my knowledge is getting even bigger!

And so there you have it, my ten things that make me happy and I'm tagging two of my favourite bloggers to also take part in this because I want to know what makes them happy too!

Marissa at Missy B


Michelle at Mummy From The Heart

If you want to blog your ten favourite things you can or you can let me know below in the comments what your top ten would be too!