A British Crème Brûlée (Review and Recipe)

It's not going to be a surprise that I'm an indulgent pudding fan, normally of the Chocolate variety, but when I want to do something special and be a bit of a show-off I make a rather lovely Crème Brûlée.

A British Crème Brûlée

Saturday night, after we got back from the Science Museum, we had a rather simple meal of Hot Dogs and I thought I'd push the boat out with a pudding for Daddy and I instead of on the Sunday like I had planned.

I had been sent a cup of sugar to celebrate a new globally-inspired ‘Taste Experience’ range from Tate & Lyle (see their Taste and Smile website) and by luck of the draw was sent the British Inspired Golden Syrup Sugar (third from the Left below) which I thought when burnt as the topping of a Crème Brûlée would taste deliciously syrupy and because it's great for making glazes would hopefully turn a lovely colour. I think they turned out rather fabulous and have included my cheats recipe below so you can create them at home too.

Globally-inspired ‘Taste Experience’ range from Tate and Lyle


2 Innocent Fruit Tubes
4 Tablespoons Pre-made Custard
2 Tablespoons Golden Syrup Sugar


I had decided that I wanted to have a secret fruit layer at the bottom of the individual sized Ramekins, and so used two of the Children's Innocent Fruit Tubes to create a fruity layer on the bottom. I had originally planned to make my own fruit compote, but with having been out all day I hadn't had time. This fruit layer isn't strictly necessary, but remember I said I like indulgence!

I covered the fruit layer in pre-made custard (because I don't know how to make custard without eggs and Daddy is allergic to eggs) before sprinkling the Golden Syrup Sugar on top and using my Kitchen Blow Torch to melt the sugar into my cracking topping. I always find the secret to a brilliant topping, is to use the torch twice once to create the melting sugar glass effect and then a second time to even out the browning/burning of the sugar.

If you don't own a blow torch, then you can place your ramekins onto an oven tray and put under the grill for three or four minutes, just keep an eye on the browning process so it doesn't burn.

The sugar did make a lovely Crème Brûlée topping, with the Golden Syrup adding a lovely rich taste and it made a brilliant CRACK when attacked with a teaspoon. No doubt I'll be making more with the sugar, so check back and I'll link them up in this post.

We were sent the British Inspired Golden Syrup Sugar with a British Tea Cup.

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