Meal Plan (W/C 13/07)

This week is a really busy one for me personally, but I know that we'll be fine as long as we really do stick to our meal plan!

Saturday - Honey Mustard Lamb with Mashed Potato

We are out during the morning, at the cinema and then we're off shopping with my Mum and then this for our evening meal. I don't think we've had this for quite a while and when teamed with green beans and sautéed mushrooms it's one of my favourite meals.

Sunday - Sunday Roast

I'm technically not here today, but Daddy, Top Ender and Big Boy will need to eat and so Daddy will make a Roast to share. I think that he may go for Sausages instead of a Chicken though as it makes it easier for him as he won't have to carve the Chicken.

Monday -  Chicken Chilli

I'm going to be out for most of the day today, so I'm thinking that if I make Chilli I can put it in the Slow Cooker and let it cook away without me and by the time I get home with the Children after School, all I'll have to do is serve it up with Taco Shells or Tortillas and we can all eat!

Tuesday - Jambalaya


I really enjoyed the Jambalaya we cooked a few nights back, I think it was the Chorizo which really did it for me as I've been having dreams about it since.

Wednesday - Mushrooms on Toast/Beans on Toast

Tonight is our veggie night, the children will have Beans on Toast and possibly an egg whilst Daddy and I will have garlic mushrooms on Toast.

Thursday - Lemony Salmon Pasta

I'm going to stir strips of Smoked Salmon into pasta, complete with a cream cheese lemon sauce and possibly some spring onions and some salt and pepper. It'll be a light meal, but still quite sustaining and of course family friendly.

Friday -  BBQ Turkey Burgers

Tops was asking about food that we like to cook, and she assumed that the BBQ Chicken Burgers was mine. I'm not sure why, but it did remind me how much we love the burgers and so we had to put it into the meal plan.

So these are the meals I'm planning this week, what are you planning this week?

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