Lunches (W/C 06/07)

Lunches this week are a mix up of whatever is in the freezer, as I'm trying to run down my food storage at the same time as stocking up a new and improved food storage system.

Bagel, Fruit and Veggies Lunch

Saturday - Cheese Sandwiches

Despite Big Boy claiming not to like Cheese, it happens to be the only food item we have that he'll eat in between two pieces of bread, so his choices are kind of limited!

Sunday - Ham Rolls

I'm fasting today, but Top's, BB and Daddy aren't so they can all have a ham roll, as that way I don't have to smell it!

Monday - Pizza Bagels

This is something I would have loved when I was at School, but then again Pizza was considered one of the main food groups when I was growing up!

Tuesday - Egg Pittas

I'm not sure why or if this is even true, but the children claim when I send them to School with Egg sandwiches that they don't smell. Still even if they did, I'd carry on sending them to School because both my children love an egg.

Wednesday - Sausage Kebabs

The Children loved these the other week, so we're having them again. I love them because I love cooking different Kebabs.

Thursday - Veggie Filled Pasta

I've been steering away from Pasta for a while because of the amount of carbs and trying to keep the amount BB eats around 50g at lunch, but this is a treat because it's so close to the end of term. If I'm smart, I'll have cooked extra pasta last night to make this lunch speedy to pack.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too!

We have a lot on this weekend, but instead of planning a lunch based around one of our cinema trips I'm going to carry on our World Tour and plan to visit France as it's Bastille Day this Sunday.

So there you have it. When do your families break up from School for Summer? Are you winding down ready too?

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