The Diabetic Insulin Pump

When Big Boy was diagnosed as being a Diabetic, the suggestion of a pump was brought up. It was brought up when we went for training on how to count carbs and calculate insulin levels, it was brought up at our appointments and each time I said No.

Diabetic Pen Injection

No, I don't want my son to have to have a pager sized machine attached to him 24/7.

No, I don't want to have to take out a cannula and reinsert a new one into my son every couple of days.

No, I don't want to run the risk of insulin not actually going into my son, because of a kink in a tube, or a tube accidentally being ripped out in the night.

Just No.

I had read up on the internet of what other people thought of the Insulin Pumps and continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion. I had read about the problems, I had read the downsides and when I weighed it up, the lesser of the two evils appeared to be injecting Big Boy before each meal and snack and correcting his levels as needed. And then the matter was sort of taken out of my hands, and our lovely Diabetic nurse talked me through the only option that would mean that Big Boy could lead a normal as possible life whilst at School.

I changed my mind about the pump.

And today when we go and see Big Boy's Diabetic team at the hospital for one of his quarterly check ups we're going to confirm that we want to start the continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion. We want to start insulin pump therapy. I've already spoken to our lovely Diabetic Nurse (I have no idea if she reads our blog, but if she does I hope she knows how much we love her) and she knew that we were going to change our minds about the pump, so she's already started the process about funding and arranging training for Daddy and I.

It's a big change for us, it's going to mean getting used to something new (again) but I'm hoping that this latest change will allow Big Boy more freedom to be him.

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