Amy's Kitchen Review

Whilst I was in Sweden at the start of last week, I knew that Daddy was going to be at home during the day, doing a better job at being me than I do, and unlike me I was pretty sure he was going to need "real food" to eat, as I tend to make do with leftovers or salad and I didn't want Daddy to starve. It would be terribly inconvenient.

So I, filled the freezer with Gluten Free Ready Meals from Amy's Kitchen and the cupboard with Gluten Free Soups from Amy's Kitchen and left him with instructions to eat these as they were healthy, gluten free and for him. We've had some Amy's Kitchen meals before, so I knew what I was getting. Nice quality food, that tastes good and is easy to put in the microwave on the nights when you're too tired to cook.

Amy's Kitchen Meals Review

The great thing about the food, is that it is comforting food. It's not food that is half hearted or half sized portions either. It's food that your Mum would cook you. It's food that I would cook. It's food which I don't think tastes like it's been warmed up in the microwave.

Amy's Kitchen Meals Review

So what do we think of the meals? Well, they are nice and they are easy to cook. We love that they are Gluten free, but not taste free and that I can pick them up in the local supermarket. I'm pretty sure, that I'm not the only one who wishes the meals were made for families rather than just one person, but I'm sure that they will one day be making them family sized.

We were given some vouchers to buy a selection of Amy's Kitchen meals.

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