Penguin on Holiday - A Review

Penguin on Holiday is a new book published by Bloomsbury that has delighted Big Boy. I don't think that we had read Penguin and the Pinecone, Penguin's previous adventure, but we immediately loved this little penguin and his desire for a holiday.

Penguin on Holiday Book

The book was very easy to read, and Big Boy was able to read a lot of it himself, although he preferred for me to read the larger/bolder words because he liked to be Penguin and Penguin's new friend...

This book fitted in so well as part of our Summer project on friendship. We created some great postcards from the characters in the book with some friends having moved away during the Summer, it was nice for the story to show that separation from friends can be sad but the reunions are always fun.

Postcards based on Penguin on the Holiday Book

The book is so sweet and full of love that it's going to be a favourite of ours for years to come and end up in every baby gift basket I'm giving from now on.

Penguin on Holiday is available from the 22nd August and is £11.99 for the hardback and £5.99 for the paperback and Ebook editions.

We were sent a copy of the book to review and have based some of our Summer Learning on the story. If you'd like to see what we did, take a look at our postcards and our artwork.

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