Vegetarian Step By Step Cook Book Review

If you read my meal plan posts, then you'll know that not only am I pretty useless at coming up with meatless ideas but that my family aren't that good at eating meatless meals too often. It was quite lucky therefore that when I met the team at Parragon Books that one of the books they thought I might like to review was a Love Food Vegetarian Step by Step Cook Book.

Vegetarian Step By Step Cook Book Review

Reading through the book was interesting, everything is explained step by step (as it says in the title) and the majority of the items it mentions are ingredients that I know and either regularly buy already or would know where to find them in the Supermarket. The only downside is that the book isn't really aimed at my normally meat eating family as some of the meals are too "vegetarian".

I know, I know, how can a Vegetarian book be too vegetarian. Of course it can't, but as I have learnt with getting my family to eat fish, we have to ease them in with "easy" recipes first and then work up to the more detailed vegetarian flavours and foods.

Vegetarian Step By Step Cook Book Review

I have made a few of the dishes from the book though. The Rigatoni with Courgette, Tomato and Mascarpone was delicious (despite Daddy thinking he'd hate it and having to change the Rigatoni for Gluten Free Penne) and the Watercress and Mushroom Pate was very well received as mine and Daddy's Sunday night treat.

I really do think that this book is going to become a trusted favourite, sure we'll have to make some adaptations to make the food gluten free but we have to do that for a lot of recipes that I find. It's great being able to see everything laid out step by step, with photographs because that way I can compare what I'm doing to what it should look like!

The RRP for the Vegetarian Step By Step is £16.00 and published by Parragon Books.

I was given the book in exchange for a review.

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