Lunch Plans (13/07)

I'm on a really tight budget this week (self inflicted) and I'm hoping that I'll be able to really stick to it, although I'm not sure I will!

Saturday - Leftovers Sandwich

We're at the cinema, so no doubt we'll have some popcorn and the like, but the children will need a sandwich when we get home (well Big Boy will), so we're thinking leftover of whatever we have in the fridge!

Sunday - Picnic

We're at the cinema in the morning (I know two days in a row!) and so we'll be eating lunch in the car on the way home. We have picnic because I know that Tops and BB love a picnic.

Monday - Quiche

I've made a lot of quiches recently. They are great because both children like them, I can sneak veggies in and they travel well.

Tuesday - Ham and Veggie Pittas

I'm hoping that the children will enjoy a ham and veggie filled pitta today, well I say veggie filled, I'm going to grate up a carrot and an apple and mix it with strips of ham. I think that it'll be a refreshing filling.

Wednesday - Chicken Goujons

Thermos Lunchboxes

Big Boy has a hospital appointment just before lunch today, so he'll actually have lunch with me and Daddy before going back into School for the afternoon. I'll ask Top Ender if she wants hot goujons and if she does I'll send her lunch to School in her thermos bento.

Thursday - Ham Sandwich

I was thinking about sending the children in with a Chocolate Spread Sandwich today, but because my children don't understand the brilliance of combining chocolate spread with peanut butter I'm refusing to allow it and they can have a ham one instead.

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too!

I thought that we'd move to Germany today, as I was watching Phineas and Ferb and heard Doof's Dad shout "dich nicht bewege!" which I recognised as German for "Do not move!" and seeing as Doof and I will one day be married (Yes, I know he is a cartoon) I'd better get used to his homelands food!

So these are the lunches for this week, what do you think?

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