Summer Writing

This Summer, I'm working hard to make sure that Top Ender and Big Boy don't suffer from Summer learning loss and also to make sure that the skill areas that they struggle with at School is given some serious attention so that hopefully next year they will have a better foundation to work from and put them on a more level playing field with their peers.

Handwriting is one of those areas.

We have a theme for the summer, it's friendship and was decided by Big Boy. It fitted in well with some of the projects I had in mind and I was able to adapt others to fit in within the friendship theme. So far we've;

Created postcards from characters in a new book we were sent to review.

Penguin On Holiday Post Cards

Sent handwritten letters to Nanny B.

Handwritten Letters to Nanny B

Started to write down the stories we tell each other about Pirates.

Pirate Pictures For Our Story

There is a lot more that we've been doing, for example we're keeping journals (which maybe we'll share at the end of the Summer), and are going to be doing like writing Menus and invites to parties.

Do you practice writing at home? Or are you looking for a five year old boy and nine year old girl penpal? As always let me know what you do or think in the comments!

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