Volvo, Sweden and an Airplane

Sometimes amazing emails with brilliant opportunities drop into my inbox, and an email from Volvo asking me to head on over to Sweden definitely gets categorised as that! So, right now I'm sitting in a hotel room (the Sankt Jorgen Park Resort) watching Swedish TV and trying to work out how no matter where in the world I go, there is always someone I know nearby!

So why exactly am I here? 

Well, today Volvo are going to show me (and some others) some new very clever Technology and from what I can work out I'm going to be driving a car later on. One that can park itself, and avoid people in carparks and extra other really clever stuff that would make my life, and other parents lives, a lot easier when it comes to driving with children in the back seat.

Volvo Logo

And then there is Sweden

I've never been to Sweden before, to tell the truth I'm not sure if this really counts. I mean I know that I'm in Sweden, I can see a golf course, and a gym and hills (maybe they are Mountains I don't know) and trees and I even spoke to some Swedish people, but I don't think that a 24hr trip counts so I'll have to come back.

And I want to. We passed a few houses last night on our way to the hotel that are on the banks of a lake. I wanted to jump out the car and live in one of them, but then I always get that way when I'm abroad as I'm already planning on living in Italy and France and Switzerland...

And the Airplane?

I've never been on a plane on my own before, and I openly admitted on Facebook that I was nervous. I knew that flying would be fine, it's just would I be fine? Was I going to be travel sick, or nervous or not get on the plane? Turns out I needn't have worried as I was absolutely fine, bumped into several other people coming to the same event and said hello to the British Women's Football Team, who were on the same flight.

I got to sit next to an elderly Australian couple, who were nearly deaf (or maybe they were just ignoring me!) and after a chat about technology advances, the new Dan Brown book and how good the airline food we had (BLT Wrap) shared was. I'm quite looking forward to the flight home, but I'm guessing from the nights sleep I had that I'm going to fall asleep as soon as we take off!

Volvo have paid for me to come out to Sweden, and my hotel.

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