What You May Have Missed...

Every so often I get to do a sort of roundup post of things that you may have missed if you don't live with me, don't follow my every word on Twitter and Facebook or notice the odd photo on Instagram. Of course if you are one of my many stalkers, then you'll already know all this but as we all know it's good to share.

So I went to Henley with BMW.

BMW Henley Badges

Posh people are most amusing as at their festivals they eat three course meals, drink Champagne and do it all whilst dressed in Evening Wear. I got to borrow a BMW 3 series for a few days, and there will be a blog post about it soon but I doubt I'll ever own one as I'd be constantly worried that someone would hit me or scratch it!

I went to the Hyde Park London Chapel and Visitors Centre.

Honestly, if you wanted to know more about Mormons (like me!) and are in London and on Exhibition Road then pop in. For a start it's air conditioned so nice and cool, they have some nice little videos to watch with some quite comfy benches and all Mormons are like me. No, not obsessed with social media, happy to chat to anyone!

We got our School Reports

I used to like getting a report sent home, as I could find out if I really was as smart as I thought I was or if I was actually just useless but the Teachers didn't like to tell me to my face. As I told Top Ender after her superb, advancing above where we'd expect a child of her age to be, report it's okay to be smart and it's even better if you work at it to be even better. Something I wish I'd been able to tell nine year old me. Big Boy's was just as brilliant, and despite knowing that he is a good boy I was still surprised to see it mentioned in his report.

I took an Ice Cream to School

Ice Cream in a Cool Bag

With the weather being warmer than we'd normally have (despite it being Summer, when it's supposed to be hot) and it nearly being the end of term, we took an ice cream to one of our favourite teachers at School. You see, we love Miss Charles* (*Name changed to protect the innocent and all that) and thought she deserved one. You'll be pleased to know that in a cool bag filled with reusable ice blocks an ice cream in a cone can last at least 15 minutes without looking sorry for itself.

My husband took a day off.

And spent it with me. We went for a walk, we had lunch, we sat in the garden, we talked and plotted for the future and of course spent a huge amount of time in companionable silence whilst we did bits and pieces around the house and on the internet (ie this blog post).

I'm sure there was more going on, but for now that's all I can think of. Have you had a busy week?

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