Pom Bear's Time in Sweden

When I went to Sweden, Pom Bear decided that he'd come with me. Unlike me however, he wasn't allowed to drive any of the Volvo's because he hasn't got a driving license and he was too busy eating the Rhubarb Muffins anyway. This is how he got on.

He wasn't to sure if he counted as Hand Baggage or not, so he checked he fitted just in case.

Pom Bear on the Hand Luggage Size Checker
Pom watched out the window as we climbed higher and higher and got above the clouds.

Pom Bear looking out a Plane Window

When we got to the Hotel in Sweden, Pom loved looking at the view.

Pom Bear looking out the Hotel Room Window

Whilst I went to dinner, he read a magazine.

Pom reading a Spa Magazine

And he sat on one of the chairs by the lift, to greet me when I came back up to my room.

Pom sitting in a chair

The next morning, he loved riding in the lift, although he was just as confused as I was as to why the lift played water sounds at us.

Pom Bear in a glass lift

At breakfast, he sat at the table whilst I got our food.

Pom waiting for Breakfast

He was most pleased, to see that I remembered to get him some Hot Chocolate, and slurped all the way through breakfast.

Pom gets some Hot Chocolate

And when it was time to get home, he sat very nicely in the airport with his passport and boarding pass.

Pom waiting to go home

Pom was really pleased with his time in Sweden, and hopes he can return soon. He's rather looking forward to his next holiday too.

Just to make it clear, Volvo invited me to Sweden and paid for my travel and accommodation and Pom came too.

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