Material Things I Need And Want Or Possibly Don't

I'm being selfish today and daydreaming about all the things that I need and want and probably don't really need and want in the grand scheme of things. It's a great game to play because sitting out in the garden in the early morning sun and relaxing and letting my mind wander over all the things I would do if I had some extra money is almost as good as having the money.

The Current Patio and Table Set

A Skip

I need a big skip to put all the rubbish on my drive way in and all the little stones that cover my driveway and are supposed to make it look nice, but just succeed in making weeding my drive annoying. Whilst we're at it can someone send me some industrial strength and sized weed killer?

A New Driveway

Once all the stones are scooped off my drive, I'll need a new blocked path driveway laid. That'll stop the weeds. Mwhahahahahahahahaha.

A Digger And One Of The Jack Hammer Things

I need a little mini digger to dig up part of my garden and the jack hammer to break up some existing concrete so I can lay a new patio and build a little retaining wall/raised flower bed along the side of the fence/patio and make it look pretty.

A Builder

I'd quite like a clever builder to come and knock down my garage and put a nice wooden timber frame garage/house thing where the garage currently is. Or build a ground floor extension to my house with a garage/storage bit towards the drive and a nice sun room towards the garage. Whilst he's at it could he put a French door in the den wall so we can get out to the nice new driveway?

Patio Furniture

I'm needing a nice little Parisian Cafe outdoor table set for the driveway, just outside the French Doors and a nice big wooden table for all the family to sit round on the nice new patio.

Hanging Baskets and Hooks

Big overflowing hanging baskets with flowers and foliage and brilliant colours and scents and if they are self watering all the better.

A New Camera

As my camera is a little bit broken, I need a new one so that I can take pretty pictures of my garden and my family enjoying the garden and the summer sun.

A New Car

I really do need a new car. Our family car is lovely, I love it and the little spaces in the floor to put drinks and high vis jackets and the like in but I'd be surprised if it is going to make it through it's next MOT without some serious cash being spent. Plus it likes to drink petrol a lot and so getting a new one might mean it's a bit more fuel efficient... and it'd look good on my nice driveway right?!

So that's it for now.

I could mention air conditioning and having pipes in walls, new curtains, a new sofa, new carpets, a new bed, a couple of windows and doors being replaced, a new bathroom and some nice clothes but I won't because instead I'm going to sit here and eat my breakfast and daydream about my garden a bit more.

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