Mama's Family Cook Book Review

The last cook book I reviewed was the Vegetarian Step by Step from Parragon Books, given to me when I met the team at BritMums Live. This cook book was also given to me by the team and features one of my favourite cuisines as these are family recipes from Italian kitchens.

Mama's Family Cook Book Review

Reading in the first few pages that all the people in the book are made up, ruined my daydream of marrying into the family (I know I'm already married!) but didn't stop me drooling over the recipes! Reading through I knew that I would have to make a lot of adaptations to the recipes, as the Italians are well known for the inclusion of alcohol and pasta is of course not gluten free for the most part, but I knew it would be worth it.

I started off easy with making a Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne as I know my families love of lasagne, and it went down a treat, it was nice to have a change from a beef lasagne too. The Sausage and peppers was a great twist on our favourite sausage meal (we didn't use Italian sausages) and the Pork rolls were a fab idea and I have no idea why I never thought of it before!

I had a few of the other dishes for lunch and a few lovely starters with my favourite being the Calabrese Salad.

Mama's Family Cook Book Review

As you can probably tell, the meals are going to feature quite heavily in my meal plans over the Summer (and the winter, who doesn't love Pasta in the Winter?!) although I do need to be careful because with them being quite carb heavy we don't want Big Boy having blood sugar and insulin balance issues.

The RRP for Mama's Family Cook Book is £16.00 and is published by Parragon Books.

I was given the book in exchange for a review.

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