Summer Holiday Plans

Every Summer, I hope for brilliant weather as I hope that Top Ender, Big Boy and I will be able to take long walks, have long leisurely picnics and generally enjoy the weather. This year, it has of course been a little warmer than generally us Brits are used to, but still here at A Mother's Ramblings we are excited about the weather and there is no grumbling about the heat, at least from me.

Big Boy and Top Ender on a walk

We have a plan in place, as is normal for us every Summer. We want to make sure we don't experience any Summer Learning Loss (where because Children aren't practising their skills, they basically lose the ability), we want to also maximise the amount of time we are spending together and also the Children quite like being my personal trainers in the summer and getting me running around after them...

Every year when we get the Children's School Reports, I take a look at what I can help the Children with over the Summer Holidays and make a plan of what we will do based around this. I've gone over my plan with Top Ender's teacher who has confirmed I'm planning activities that will help Tops improve her skills over the summer and give her a great foundation for next year and of course Big Boy will be getting the same great foundation for next year too.

We have a few family days planned. We aren't going on Holiday but we're having a Staycation and doing some bits and pieces in and around Milton Keynes. We'll be making sure that we spend some time with friends and family and of course with each other, although I'm sure that by the end of the first week Big Boy will have announced he's ready to go back to School!

And the children will have me running around after them. I love having them with me all day every day (remind me of that when I've broken up my 100th argument on the first day of the holidays will you?) and I love being able to do things for them and to let them know that I love them and want to mother them.

So, that's our plan for the summer, what's your's?

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