Coke, Me and Britmums Live

I was rather pleased to be asked by Coke if I'd like to go to BritMums Live and even more pleased to find out more about Coke and the other drinks that come under the brand umbrella. They put me and a few other bloggers they had invited up in The Brewery Hotel, which meant we could fall out of the hotel and into the conference.

Coke and Britmums Live at The Brewery

And they gave us a great breakfast, over which we chatted about the different health aspects of Coke and Dr Pepper because I kept mentioning it! I loved the Work It Out calculator on their website that they showed us, which helps you work out what exercise you can do to work off a can of Coke or Dr Pepper or one of their other drinks. I've been using it to work out how many calories I'm burning off doing various sports, and am finding it really interesting... if not tiring.

@Flyfour's personalised Bottle of Coke

I also like looking at the Caffeine Counter, which proves my point about there being MORE caffeine in Chocolate than there is in Dr Pepper. I think the most interesting part of the symposium was actually finding out about how Coke is working on making their products "better", I think it boils down to less caffeine, better sweeteners but still the same taste.

Pippa's Bottle of Diet Coke

I'm sure over the next few weeks as I remember more and more about what I was told, I'll come out with some gems, but for now I'll repeat what I always say and apparently Coke does too and that is Everything in moderation.

I was given a ticket to Britmums Live and accommodation and the personalised Coke bottles by Coke, but they didn't ask for a blog post. This was all on me!

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