What Are Your Budget Summer Meals

I was talking with some friends about budgeting for shopping the other week and it made me look at how much I spend, which is normally about £50-£70 a week for my little family of four and three cats. The majority of that is spent on fruit and vegetables and then meat and poultry (in that order too) as try as I might I still can't get my whole family eating meatless more than twice a week and even then I have to be sneaky about it.

Spaghetti on Toast

I've already given up fizzy drinks, and Daddy is well on the way to following me with abandoning that habit too and Tops and Big Boy like the odd glass of milk and squash, but like me most often just drink water. As a family we don't really eat sweets, although we do have to keep them about so that if BB has a hypo we can treat it (there is only so much Ribena or Orange Juice that one boy can drink) and puddings are of the home-made cake variety.

So I'm looking to see if I could make further savings and the only way I can see this happening is by making cheaper meals, as I already shop around to get the best prices of the food items we do buy.

This is where you come in. I'm after your brains as searching the internet has brought me a whole lot of the same advice on reducing my shopping bill and the same four or five meals repeated over and over and over... which wouldn't be bad IF they were meals that were suitable for the Summer!

What are your favourite budget Summer meals? Let me know in the comments because until you give me some great ideas my family are stuck eating beans or spaghetti on toast as a summer budget meal.

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