A Letter To Top Ender's Teacher

At our School we find out who the teacher of our Children will be for the next School year tonight when reports are sent out. So I've penned letters to Top Ender's teacher, who has been her teacher for two years now and who I know won't be her teacher next year.

Top Ender at the park

Dear Miss Charles*,

You've been Top Ender's teacher for two years now and I can honestly say that apart from family members she loves you the most in the world. I know so much about you, or so it seems, because of the little tidbits you have shared with your class over the last couple of years and that Top Ender announces over dinner, that you seem like a family member so I hope it doesn't sound creepy that I think of you as family.

I remember meeting you for the first time, you seemed quiet and a little shy and I was pretty sure that the children in Top Ender's class were going to run rings around you. I shouldn't have worried, you had control over the class like the pro that you are because the Children like you and respect you. You gave them boundaries and support and they bask in this knowing that like their parents you'll tell them straight when you're disappointed in them but that you won't hold it against them. They know that you'll be there for them if they need you.

You have done so much for Top Ender. She's a bright girl, I know this, but sometimes she can be a little distracted. I have no idea where she gets that from... Under your tutorship she has blossomed into a wonderful young lady, who looks forward to sharing her knowledge and even though she still hates writing she is much more willing to give it a go because of the encouragement and help you've given her.

I know that Top Ender hasn't got you next year as a teacher and I'm actually heartbroken over this. I'm crying writing this letter, even though I'm not sure you'll ever see it, because I really want you to know how grateful I am to you and all that you've done for my daughter.

To me it seems that being a teacher is one of the most rewarding and yet unrewarding jobs that there can be. Here we are as parents entrusting our children to you, hoping that you'll help us raise them, teach them right from wrong, good from bad and what do you get for it? Do you get invited to weddings and graduations? No, you don't. You get all the work and none of the glory and I'm sorry for that, so please take this letter as some of your much deserved glory and I know it's not the done thing, but I hope that we can stay in touch so you can be invited to the graduation and wedding.

Thank you again for having loved my daughter.


*Not the Teacher's real name, protect the innocent and all that.

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