Friday, 28 September 2012

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too - Hot Dog Hot Dogs!

I love making different lunches for the Children each week, I think that having a super special lunch each Friday is just a small way that I can show them that I love them, that I'm thinking of them even when they are at School and that I'm interested in what they eat and by making it fun they get the best lunch in School and a good giggle too! This week I decided that what the children really needed was Hot Dog in Dog Shaped Rolls!

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Making the rolls was really easy... especially as I had a can of fresh rolls in the fridge! Instead of pulling them apart and making them into Six rolls I made two large dough balls (two rolls each) and held back the the last two rolls to make the add on parts of the dog. With the large dough ball I rolled it out so that it was fairly flat and wide and then rolled the actual Hot Dog into the dough so it was all covered.

I then used the last two rolls to make four legs, two tails, four ears and two snouts which I stuck on using water and making a slightly small hole for the pieces to be poked into the body of the dog.

Dog Shaped Hot Dogs

Dog Shaped Hot Dogs

Dog Shaped Hot Dogs

Dog Shaped Hot Dogs

I then baked the hot dog dog rolls in the oven and left them to cool before putting into the Children's lunch boxes!

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