What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 08/09)

Well, there was a small matter of someone forgetting to get the chicken out of the freezer last Saturday and then after being in a Supermarket which sold Fresh Chickens not picking one up so meant that last Sunday we actually had Roasted Gammon Steaks. It was actually really nice but we're back to Roast Chicken for real this Sunday!

Saturday - Special Sausage Pie

We haven't had sausage pie for a while, the kids love Sausage pie but because Daddy can't eat puff pastry and we haven't found a decent gluten free version (read one that I like to eat) of the stuff we don't eat it unless Daddy isn't here. I however had a fantastic idea after having seen a video of an American Chef making Mac and Cheese and so I'll be experimenting tonight and we'll all be eating Special Sausage Pie tonight!

Sausage Pie

Sunday - Roast Chicken

This week I can promise that we will remember to get the Chicken out the freezer. That's all I'm saying because I also have something rather special planned for the evening but it is a surprise for everyone other than me!

Monday - Fishcakes, Chips and Beans

It's rare that I'm out twice in a week and it seems that with Big Boy starting School I have decided that what I want to do is just start running wild in the streets. I have every faith in Daddy managing to cook dinner, play with the children, pick the children up from School and do all the things he always does when I'm not here (Clean, wash, make me feel inadequate... ) and make dinner, but still I've thrown together a plan for Daddy to cook Fishcakes which I think will be nice!

Tuesday - Pork Steaks with Apple Sauce and Cheese

This is one of Daddy and Top Ender's favourite meals and it's so simple to make. We normally serve it with mash and veg but I think that tonight we'll serve it with Hasselback or Saddleback Potatoes and veg this week instead.

Wednesday - Pollock Curry

I was thinking about making the Pollock Curry from the Fish is the dish website for Daddy and I, and using the rest of the Pollock to make some fish fingers for Big Boy and Top Ender. It's to make up for not being here at all tomorrow...

Fresh Pollock

Thursday - Soup and Toasties

I'm not here today, as I've gone to Blog Camp London for the day, and so I want something quick and easy to make for dinner that either I can make quickly when I'm home or Daddy can make without too much worry when he is here with the children. Soup and Toasties fits that bill!

Friday - Steak

Daddy asked for a proper steak this week, none of that thin quick cook stuff just a proper thick steak. So that's what we're having. With mushrooms, peas, beans and chips. YUM!

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