Just Imagine - Book Review

Many moons ago Top Ender brought home a book from the Library called You Choose. She loved this book and read it all the time, we had to renew it every few weeks so as not to incur any fines from the library and eventually her love of the book faded and that was that. Although it wasn't, as when she started School she found the book in the library at School and brought it home again and again until her Dad and I decided that we would buy her, her own copy. The book has been well read, Big Boy loves it just as much as Top Ender and to be honest I think that Daddy and I like it just as much too!

Then a couple of weeks back I got an email about there being a sequel to You Choose being published, this time the book is titled Just Imagine and so I requested a copy to review knowing how much Tops and Big Boy would love to read it. The book arrived and Top Ender grabbed it before it was even out of the envelope as she was that excited about it. She ended up reading the book to Big Boy who climbed up on her knee to listen to the book as he recognised the book as looking similar to his favourite You Choose.

Just Imagine Book Cover

The story isn't the traditional Beginning, Middle and End that you might be used to. Instead the book asks the reader to imagine what it would be like to be as small as a mouse or as big as a house, to be in the past or the future and so the child reading the book can make up a story that is different every time or they can just look at everything and see what they like best (which is what I do!).

Just Imagine was released in a Hardback edition on the 30th August 2012 and has an RRP of £10.99. It's a great book for young children, it says it's aimed at 3-4year olds but Tops is 8 and I'm 33 and we both love it too!

We received a copy of Just Imagine to review.
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