Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too - Rainbow Pasta

I love Pinterest for the ideas I get for food at home (If you want to see if you can guess my ideas for the weeks Friday lunch follow my Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too pinterest board) and this weeks idea was straight from Pinterest! Edible Rainbow Pasta.

Rainbow Pasta

Making the pasta was incredibly simple and just a matter of adding food dye to the water you are going to cook the pasta in. As pasta absorbs the water it also absorbs the colour from the food dye and you end up with coloured pasta!

I did this before the children got up this morning and luckily I remember fairly well my colour mixing charts, but this would be a great one to do with children learning about what colours added together make what colour. I only had liquid food dye in the house, as my gels have run out, and as such the colours weren't as vibrant as I was hoping that they would be. The Red has come out as a dark Orange, the Green actually came out Yellow and the Purple came out Green (I have no idea how that happened!).

The great thing is that they do look like food colours that you would eat so I'm happy that this lunch will be eaten all up!

Big Boy's Rainbow PastaTop Ender's Rainbow Pasta

Big Boy has seen the pasta this morning and thinks that the blue pasta is rather cool whilst Top Ender has said that it was a nice surprise, so even though it wasn't as brilliant as I hoped we're taking it as a good sign that this weeks lunch is a success.

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