Big Boy's School Day

Before he started School Top Ender told Big Boy that at School she has to sit down and work, that the teacher tells her that they are going to do Maths or Writing or French or something else and everyone has to do it. After a few days of going to School, Big Boy has realised that his School day isn't like Top Ender's. His School day doesn't have designated times to sit and write, or do Maths or French. His day is more about playing with the water table, painting or cutting or sticking and sometimes reading stories with a teacher or a teaching assistant.

Big Boy is upset because he hasn't been doing any work at school just playing.

He's complained to me about it, he's complained to the teacher about it, he's complained to the Teaching Assistants about it and I think finally one of them broke down and gave him some actual work to do just to stop him complaining that he didn't want to play any more.

Big Boy likes playing on the Wii

I think that this is his way of still keeping up his little rebellious streak.

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