I'm Not Bribing Teachers With Cake... Much!

You know the cake I made for the The Great Blogger Bake Off? Well, seeing as how the first one went down so well I made a second one that I took to School today. It isn't bribery if you give someone cake is it? Oh, it is if you're giving the cake because you're trying to curry favour? Okay, you got me. I was trying to bribe the teachers and teaching assistants to take better care of Big Boy as some of them had kindly volunteered to help him with his lunchtime injections and blood tests and I wanted to make sure they knew I would keep them in cake if they do a good job.

Sticky Orange Marmalade Cake for Teachers

I'd been asked if I would like to be at the School when those who had volunteered were trained. I said yes because I wanted to know who would be helping him, I had figured that the five people who volunteered would be the Reception team (two Teachers and three assistants) but it wasn't. Big Boys teacher and the other Reception teacher hadn't volunteered to be taught what to do.

I understand this, I really do. I mean who wants to take responsibility for giving an injection everyday? Given the choice I wouldn't want to do it either but I have no choice in the matter.

I have to do it to keep my son alive.

My Mum has taken to saying "It's different when it's your own Children", and she's right. It is different. I give injections and blood tests now without thinking about it, without passing out. I calculate in my head the amount of sugar or carbs in a portion of food so I can work out how it will effect him, I know the signs of when BB is getting a low blood sugar and I can react to that. It's only been a matter of weeks since BB was first diagnosed and already it's old hat to me.

I would have expected the Teachers to be there though, to find out what BB is going to go through everyday of his school life, everyday of the rest of his life. I would have hoped that the teachers would have wanted to know the signs of him having a low, they are after all his teachers and they will be with him all day everyday. I would have hoped that they would have wanted to know how to help him, how to explain to the other children what was going on and that he is no different to them. I would have hoped that they could take the time out to learn a little bit about one of their students.

I'm so pleased about the five who did volunteer though. Five members of staff from different areas of the School who I know are going to be looking out for my son. Five members of staff who have been taught what to do if BB needs a blood test, or if he needs me, or if he needs medical attention. Those five members of staff? I'm really glad that they got cake.

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