What's For Lunch? (W/C 17/09)

After tomorrow I won't be going in to the School at lunch time to supervise BB having his insulin injection (unless there is an issue) so this week I'm trying to be extra careful with what is in the lunch box just to make sure that both he and Tops have great lunches that are healthy, balanced and allow them to concentrate all afternoon too!

Monday - Chicken Wraps 

It's a Monday and we had Chicken for lunch yesterday, which means there is a Chicken breast with my children's name on it! I'm giving them both a yoghurt today too so I'm guessing that BB is going to come home covered in it!

Tuesday - Frittata

I've made another Frittata and frozen it, so the children will have it heated up and kept warm in their thermos lunch boxes. As this is another lunch that is quite high in protein but low in carbs there is some special cake in the lunch boxes today.

Wednesday - Ham Bagel

Big Boy has just discovered Bagels, he is amazed because they are round like doughnuts but are BREAD! I think he is really missing his doughnuts so there are a few treats in his lunch box today so that he doesn't feel that he is missing out on everything that he loves.

Thursday - Mixed Cheese, Carrot and Cucumber Rolls

I'm getting the hang of making my own rolls and so the children are having to eat the practice rolls as there are getting to be a fair few of them! I thought that I would use a couple of different cheeses and mix in some shredded carrot and cucumber so that the children were getting extra veggies! Plus it's one of my favourite lunches and it feels like ages since we last had it!

Grated Carrot and Cheese Mix

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too!

You have to love a Friday lunch especially when this week's is something that I'm dead excited about! I'm just hoping that Big Boy and Top Ender will love the lunch as much as I hope they will as I'm rather looking forward to making this one and eating it too!

Top Ender's Friday Lunch And Big Boy's Too! logo

Don't forget to come and check out what I've made on Friday when I'll write a blog post showing you how to make it and revealing it to you and the children.

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